The peak efficiency of a new weapon system is only about 2 weeks before countermeasures emerge

Thursday, May 30th, 2024

Precision systems that rely on GPS — such as Excalibur and GMLRS, which can be fired from US-provided M777 howitzers and HIMARS, respectively — are seeing shockingly decreased accuracy because of jamming:

Daniel Patt, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, wrote in a statement to Congress in March that the 155mm GPS-guided Excalibur artillery shell “had a 70% efficiency rate hitting targets when first used in Ukraine” but that “after six weeks, efficiency declined to only 6% as the Russians adapted their electronic warfare systems to counter it.”

Patt added that “the peak efficiency of a new weapon system is only about 2 weeks before countermeasures emerge.” That’s valuable information for the US as it prepares for future fights.


Earlier this week, the US Air Force announced a contract for add-on seekers for its extended-range JDAMs, the goal being to improve the JDAM to resist electronic jamming and instead lock onto the source of the jamming, targeting it.


  1. Michael van der Riet says:

    Russia will welcome a re-targeting of JDAMS to strike electronic jammers rather than ground offense equipment. The USAF was equally easily diverted in Vietnam to fly high-loss SEAD missions and spare true military targets. Incidentally this is proof that the Ukraine-Russia war is more like the US-Russia war, with Ukrainians only required to fill coffins.

  2. Adar says:

    These FPV drones [First Person View] at this point in time seem to be unstoppable. Can be jammed but can take out any any tank in existence and apparently with surprising ease.

    The Russians already have an FPV drone that spools out a 6 mile [10 kilometer] long trail of fiber optic cable behind it for the controller to direct the drone. Cannot be jammed.

    Those German Gephard 35 mm AAA seem to be an answer to the drone problem but are only fielded in small numbers.

  3. Roo_ster says:

    “This highlights the need for the US to develop solutions before any great-power conflict.”

    Too late, dude. Would not the #1 and #2 militaries in Europe count as “great powers?” (Russia & Ukraine for the short-bus crowd. Who was #1 & #2 at the start of the conflict is the better question.)

    For my part, when I had input, I argued in favor of better/more precise fire control for dumb munitions both direct & indirect.

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