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Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

I just took a look back at my numbers for 2019. Here are the most popular posts during that calendar year, two of which are new, eight of which are older:

  1. Robert Conquest’s Three Laws of Politics
  2. He-Man Opening Monologue
  3. The Bob Rubin Trade
  4. The best hard science fiction he’d read in decades is a techno-thriller (new)
  5. The Father of Social-Science
  6. Fast Friends Protocol
  7. The Pros and Cons of Empires
  8. They are unable to decipher compound sentences (new)
  9. Summary of the Fate of Empires
  10. Observations from Actual Shootings

Here are the most popular posts actually from 2019 and not from an earlier year:

  1. The best hard science fiction he’d read in decades is a techno-thriller
  2. They are unable to decipher compound sentences
  3. A concerned citizen is largely helpless
  4. We should drop arithmetic
  5. One subgroup of scholars did manage to see more of what was coming
  6. The great vice of the Greeks was extrapolation
  7. The barbarian invaders had one thing the civilized Incas did not
  8. The whole point is sacrifice
  9. The tattoo has a profound meaning
  10. Superior recon trumps hypersonic missiles

Again, I’m not sure what to conclude.

Also, I should thank some of my top referrers: Z ManMapping The Dark Enlightenment, and Borepatch.


  1. Slovenian Guest says:

    Happy new year!

    My top user comment of 2019 was by X-Ray:

    “I did once get drunk with a bunch of ROK Marines at the III MAF compound in Danang. We ended up ‘judoing’ concrete blocks for fun.”

    And a close second was one by Graham:

    “Cold Fusion can never work unless they put the milk in the reactor last.”

  2. Graham says:

    Thanks, Slovenian Guest!

    I think there had just been a separate exchange on tea. Otherwise can’t imagine what put that thought in my head…

  3. Graham says:


    I have found the last couple of years on this site rich in interest, but your back catalogue by now is so full of good stuff in such quantity I guess I’m not surprised it attracts a lot of attention.

    The blessing and curse of internet, as life, longevity.

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