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Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

I just took a look back at my numbers for 2018. Here are the most popular posts during that calendar year, four of which are new, six of which are older:

  1. Robert Conquest’s Three Laws of Politics
  2. The Bob Rubin Trade (new)
  3. Polar Bear Turns Purple After Medication
  4. The Father of Social-Science
  5. Fast Friends Protocol
  6. Observations from Actual Shootings
  7. He-Man Opening Monologue
  8. I’ve been blogging for 15 years (new)
  9. Maximum effective range of buckshot (new)
  10. The most expensive new public school in San Francisco history failed (new)

Here are the most popular posts actually from 2018 and not from an earlier year:

  1. The Bob Rubin Trade
  2. I’ve been blogging for 15 years
  3. Maximum effective range of buckshot
  4. The most expensive new public school in San Francisco history failed
  5. The physical strength of nations varies considerably
  6. Would you pay $70,000 for a lunar vacation?
  7. Why some people become sudden geniuses
  8. Why is English so weirdly different from other languages?
  9. Where education was tried it turned out to be futile
  10. Marine experiment finds women get injured more frequently, shoot less accurately than men

Again, I’m not sure what to conclude.

Also, I should thank some of my top referrers: Social MatterZ ManMapping The Dark Enlightenment, and The Scholar’s Stage.


  1. Grasspunk says:

    I’ve been enjoying the Isegoria subject lines more this year. You could be a part-time copy editor. You’d be the best copy editor I know with a name from Athenian democracy.

    Maybe the tweeting has had a cumulative impact over the 10y.

  2. Lucklucky says:

    I found more interesting things here than in newspapers of my country (Portugal)…

  3. Isegoria says:

    It’s funny that you mention the snappier headlines, Grasspunk. They stem from a technical change. My old Twitter syndication tool went defunct, and the new one, by default at least, used the headline for the tweet, rather than the first however-many characters of the body, so I started writing headlines that would work as tweets.

  4. Isegoria says:

    Obrigado, Lucklucky.

  5. Grasspunk says:

    So I was right on both the change and the tweet-friendliness of the subject lines. Not bad. Now I’m going to take all that perception and shovel shit.

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