Old Europe as Tigana

Friday, August 5th, 2011

The fate of old, pre-World War Europe reminds Mencius Moldbug of Guy Gavriel Kay’s fantasy novel, Tigana:

The plot focuses on a group of rebels attempting to overthrow both tyrants and win back their homeland. Many of the rebels are natives of the province of Tigana, which was the province that most ably resisted Brandin: In a crucial battle, Brandin’s son was killed. In retaliation for this, Brandin attacked Tigana and crushed it more savagely than any other part of the Palm; then, following this victory, he used his magic to remove the name and history of Tigana from the minds of the population. Brandin named it Lower Corte, making Corte, their traditional enemies to their north, seem superior to a land that was all but forgotten.

Only those born in Tigana before the invasion can hear or speak its name, or remember it as it was; as far as everyone else is concerned, that area of the country has always been an insignificant part of a neighbouring province, hence the rebels are battling for the very soul of their country.

This makes more sense when you realize that modern Europe, according to Moldbug, was remade by the American Left after World War II, and old Europe was equated with fascism.

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