Atlas Shrugged

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Arch-Randroid David Kelley says that the skeptics are wrong; the new Atlas Shrugged movie is simply beautiful:

Ever since the project launched last April, skeptics have wondered how a film with a limited budget of $10 million, rushed production schedule, and lack of big-name talent could possibly do justice to the novel. Over a thousand pages long, with an intricate plot, epic scope, multi-layered mystery, a hero who does not appear until the final third of the story, and a complex philosophical theme, Atlas Shrugged has posed an insurmountable challenge to film-makers. The streets of Hollywood are littered with the ashes of prior efforts, some with much larger budgets.

The skeptics are wrong. The completed film was shown today for the first time in a private screening. It is simply beautiful. With a screenplay faithful to the narrative and message of the novel, the adaptation is lushly produced. The acting, cinematography, and score create a powerful experience of the story.

Reason‘s Matt Welch — who, somehow, hasn’t read the book — thinks that both lovers and haters will enjoy the movie.

As this behind-the-scenes video re-affirms, Francisco D’Anconia remains the most interesting man in the world:

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