Popular Posts of 2015

Friday, January 1st, 2016

I just took a look back at my numbers for 2015. Here are the most popular posts during that calendar year, three of which are new, seven of which are older:

  1. Robert Conquest’s Three Laws of Politics
  2. Myostatin, Belgian Blue, and Flex Wheeler
  3. Longbow vs. Armor
  4. He-Man Opening Monologue
  5. Polar Bear Turns Purple After Medication
  6. Observations from Actual Shootings
  7. Fast Friends Protocol
  8. What A Good Job Looks Like (new)
  9. Small-Arms Overmatch (new)
  10. Why Are Little Kids in Japan So Independent? (new)

Here are the most popular posts actually from 2015 and not from an earlier year:

  1. What A Good Job Looks Like
  2. Small-Arms Overmatch
  3. Why Are Little Kids in Japan So Independent?
  4. The Unintended Consequences of Recording the Police
  5. FOMO
  6. America Lite
  7. An Elaborate Suicide Fantasy
  8. Weightlifting is Anti-Aging
  9. Traction Magnates
  10. City vs. Small Town
  11. Asymmetrical Multiculturalism
  12. Simplistic and Naive but Effectively True
  13. Silicon Valley White-Asian Divide

Again, I’m not sure what to conclude.

Also, I should thank some of my top referrers: Reaction Times, Free NorthernerOutside InPJ Media, Borepatch, and Mapping The Dark Enlightenment.


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