You can’t violate anybody’s civil rights while eating

Sunday, June 21st, 2020

What happens to America’s big blue cities, Steve Sailer asks, when The Establishment switches sides from the cops to the blacks?

Our elites appear intent on trying that experiment once again, although we have been through a couple of highly relevant historical examples that they ought to recall first.

Because blacks, despite making up only about one-eighth of the population, have accounted for the majority of homicide offenders in recent decades, overall long-term murder rates tend to be driven by the authorities’ attitudes toward African-Americans: indulgent or hardheaded?

Thus, the first Black Lives Matter era (2014–2016) saw the total number of homicides in the U.S. grow a record-setting 23 percent in two years. Moreover, the most spectacular exacerbations of homicide rates happened precisely where BLM won its most famous political victories over the police, such as St. Louis, Baltimore, Chicago, and Milwaukee. By this point, Black Lives Matter has gotten more incremental blacks murdered than all the lynchings in American history.

This “Ferguson Effect,” named after the celebrated August 2014 riots, was repeatedly denied by the media, until the evidence became overwhelming, at which point they stopped talking about it.

Voters at the national level didn’t allow the White House to continue to worsen homicide. Murders fell 7 percent from 2016 to 2018 under Trump.

And the earlier period in which the influential sided with blacks over cops, from the end of the Kennedy Era to the end of the Carter Era, saw the murder rate double nationally, destroying many American cities.

Most notoriously, in New York City murders grew sharply in the early 1960s, from 390 in 1959 to 634 in 1965, before exploding under the new liberal Republican mayor John Lindsay, reaching 1,691 in 1972.

Lindsay, a handsome WASP, had sided with blacks against the city’s Irish policemen and Jewish school administrators.

As usual, the cops responded by slowing down on the job: the retreat to the doughnut shop. By one estimate, NYPD cops got down to doing about two hours of policing per eight-hour shift. After all, you can’t violate anybody’s civil rights while eating.

White residents fled many neighborhoods, such as the once-tranquil Bronx (where Ogden Nash had complained in 1930 about the lack of excitement with the couplet “The Bronx?/No, thonks!”), which saw reported burglaries increase by 1,559 percent from 1960 to 1969. In turn, the white population of the Bronx fell nearly 50 percent between the 1970 and 1980 Censuses.

Today, the media portrays those whites who fled as the Bad Guys, far worse than the criminals who preyed on them: The whites were guilty of the racial felony of abandoning blacks and Puerto Ricans to the ravages of segregation. In the past, however, media coverage was less hateful and bigoted in part because journalists were often related to former outer-borough whites. But today fewer and fewer dare speak up about what really happened to white residents of the cities after the Civil Rights Era unleashed liberalism on them.


  1. Joe Smith says:

    We cannot have racial parity in this country until we eliminate anti-white laws like affirmative action and the civil rights amendment. Hoping for effort on this during Trump’s second term.

  2. Dave says:

    We are witnessing nothing less than the reductio ad absurdum of liberal democracy. Unlike 1989, there is no competing ideology to defect to, so North America will likely devolve into a patchwork of rural communities where trouble-makers quietly disappear into shallow graves, dog stomachs, and sex slavery.

    I drove through a BLM march the other day; it was mostly white women of fertile age and a few soyboys. Instinct tells these childless single women to run around making lot of noise, which behavior is supposed to provoke strong, virile men into kidnapping and knocking babies out of them. Police deserve the hatred heaped upon them because they obstruct this natural course of events.

  3. Lu An Li says:

    “Thus, the first Black Lives Matter era (2014–2016) saw the total number of homicides in the U.S. grow a record-setting 23 percent in two years.”

    Future historians [hundreds of years from now] will deny that the first “era” of BLM began with a seventeen-year-old being shot and killed while trying to beat a man to death for looking at him. Or that it all began also with an eighteen-year-old stealing a bunch of cheroots and then trying to kill a cop for being told to stop walking in the middle of the street.

    Such reasons for an “era” and movement starting will seem totally implausible to the historian.

  4. Sam J. says:

    A Parting Look at Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum

    I think I have a copy of his book…somewhere. I know I read it. I wasn’t so sure about it but reality is following the path he said it would take.

    The attack on Whites is paid for by the Jews and it’s very likely that they are providing leadership and support for the the present riots. I can only suspect that if they have their way we will be in the same position as Russia when the Jews overthrew them and murdered vast numbers of people. You can support all kinds of leftist, anti-police ideas but they will come for you just the same when they gain control. It won’t make a bit of difference to them and in fact I suspect liberals will be even more crushed as they might actually get the idea that they can influence things. They would soon find out different.

    As for racial parity with Blacks we will never have it as they are at 80-85% mental capacity to Whites in areas that are important to making money and living in a modern setting. I’m sure they would do better in a much rougher place and maybe they will just make that so and we will do less well. If we were allowed to protect ourselves when attacked without being jailed for severely out sized jail time compared to them we could control the situation but that’s not how it’s working out. If Whites would stick together they could get rid of any prosecutor that was overzealous in the primaries but so far we haven’t done that because, that’s rasis.

  5. Albion says:

    One of the downsides (among many) that will increasingly bother decent, law-abiding black people is that more and more white people will view them as untrustworthy or potentially violent. The actions of what may be still a minority of blacks will dissuade many whites from either avoiding interacting with them or putting up barriers between themselves and what they will see as potential problems.

    But for every black person who speaks out and says that destroying black communities and burning black businesses to the ground–people who think the police whatever their faults generally protect people from mayhem–there seems to be far more actively making trouble.

    But there is also going to be a bigger gap among whites: there will be lots of white people who want even less to do with their fellow race who are seen to be egging on the blacks to riot and with it, commit crimes.

    I like many others have already stopped watching mainstream news sources because I know the whites on it are complicit in the cause of rioting and looting, simply by refusing to be objective and instead promoting a world which I regret will never work. The world will turn, and with it turn to segregation again.

    I think in time we will look back at the period 1960 to 2020 as sixty years where everyone frantically denied reality and sought some cloud-cuckoo land filled with unicorns and rainbows. But the damage and violence being stirred up now will take along time to be repaired.

  6. Kirk says:

    A huge component of the problem is that the average black american has no idea what the reality is, when it comes to how many of them there are to actually conduct the coming “race war”. 13% of the population is not going to win anything, and about the most they’re going to manage is triggering a pogrom/race war that’s going to result in their inevitable total erasure from the population.

    Which is, I sometimes suspect, the ultimate goal of the Democratic Party leadership. It certainly isn’t peaceable integration.

    The average young black male in most of our inner cities thinks that they are the majority–After all, that’s all they see, and the entertainment they see on television only reinforces it. Get some of those young men out into the countryside, where they start asking questions like “Where’re all the black folk at…”, and they start to get some insight. I had a really entertaining experience on a bus heading out to conduct funeral detail with some of these guys once, and it was hysterically funny to watch one of my subordinate black NCOs have to sit down with a bag of M&Ms and explain what percentages are, and just how many blacks there are in the USA. Once they internalized things, it wasn’t pretty. Before that day, “minority” was just a label; the actual meaning of that word meant nothing to them. After? LOL… Last I heard any of those three talking trash about it all.

    Blacks think they’re ascendant because they live in areas that are ghettoes, filled with other blacks. They never leave them, though nobody keeps them there, and they see what they see in the pandering media, which shows blacks in disproportionate numbers to their actual demographics. Coupled with the endemic innumeracy in that community, you get what you get, and it won’t be pretty.

    13% of a population ain’t enough to keep the rest in subjugation when that 13% has the intellectual capacity and productiveness that American blacks have. The final denouement of all this won’t be pretty, and I expect that the population of the US will pretty much be white/hispanic majority by about 2090 at the rate things are going, with some slight remnant of American blacks kept around as entertainers and athletes. Maybe. The Mexicans I know all hate blacks with a passion that makes your average KKK member look like an exemplar of tolerance. In the long run, being black is just not going to work out, with the trendlines extending the way they are.

    On the other hand, maybe sanity will break out again. We can hope, but if I were black? I’d honestly be looking into that Ghana thing, because I am pretty sure that the whole “BLM” thing is going to turn into a total disaster ending in widespread pogroms and the destruction of whatever the hell it is we call “black America”. 13% does not win in these cases, not when there isn’t a pre-existing martial superiority to enable it. Coming from where they are, black America can’t do much more than piss off the majority and trigger their own destruction.

  7. Dan Kurt says:


    Good to see an optimistic scenario for Blacks in America.

    My prediction is that when the Democrats’ feckless incompetence finally boils over and the White Man on the white horse arises, an American Caesar, payback will be Genghis Khan like, no actually, Alesia writ large. Extirpation of more than Blacks will be collateral damage. Those Blacks who make it to Africa will be the fortunate ones. Europe will also experience a violent cleansing and renewal.

  8. Kirk says:

    Oh, it won’t be the whites doing a damn thing, except stand aside horror-stricken while brown does down black. The race war won’t be about white supremacy, but about who will succeed them. And, by the numbers and the intellects, it won’t be the blacks.

    You want to see the precursors to this, look to California. Won’t be pretty, when it comes.

  9. Paul from Canada says:

    There was a very enlightening video I saw a few years ago, might still be on youtube, but I can’t find it at the moment.

    Ties right in with Kirk’s comments.

    A black activist/community organizer/speaker was giving a talk to some sort of black community group. He seemed to be preaching the opposite of what you usually hear from such people. Decrying black welfare dependence, deliberate ill-education, single parent families etc.

    He was also most scornful and scathing about the idea of a race war. He illustrated his points with some video. After pointing out that blacks were only 13% of the population and the worst educated, most welfare dependent etc etc, he showed two videos.

    The first video was a security camera clip, which I recognized because it was taken in Toronto. Two black gang members followed a man into his apartment building, and in the foyer, started shooting at him. Guns held overhead/sideways in the usual ghetto style. One of the gunman shot the hat off the head of the other gunman, missed blowing his brains out by less than an inch. The victim was not hit.

    The second video was of a 12 year old white girl shooting a couple of stages at a three gun match, and totally kicking ass.

    His point being that a black initiated race war would end in a total loss for blacks, so stop fantasizing about it.

  10. Kirk says:

    Paul, trust me on this… Whitey ain’t going to do a damn thing.

    Mi hermanos, on the other hand? LOL… Lemme tell you what’s going to go down the first time some genius tries doing to the daughter of a doting Hispanic daddy what they did to Brittanee Drexel:

    You’re going to see entire communities of blacks wiped off the face of the earth, and the white man ain’t going to have squat to do with it besides stand there in bewilderment about what caused all the violence. The Mexicans don’t play that crap, and if it happens to some chica belonging to an MS-13 affiliated family…? Lordy, but it’s gonna get messy.

    Mexicans and Central Americans hate blacks with an animosity you and I cannot possibly understand. Black America is going to wake up one morning, and find that the people running everything are mostly brown, and they ain’t playing that shit no more. Already seen it happening–Blacks are getting thrown off the welfare rolls in California wholesale, as the Hispanics take over running the agencies, and if you’re not la familia, you’re gonna starve before you get any bennies.

    I could recount dozens of experiences and conversations over the years, which I’ve had with Hispanics about their hatred of blacks. That’s not going to ever go away, until the blacks do, and they’re a curiosity of history. Minority solidarity? LOL… Ain’t no such thing.

  11. Paul from Canada says:

    Oh, my point wasn’t that whites would do anything; it was rather that this particular black activist recognized that a black instigated race war was a non-starter, and that they would lose catastrophically if they tried it. Mostly because of their true minority status (i.e raw numbers), and the high number of them with general social incompetence, (lack of education, welfare dependence etc.).

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