Explosive volcanic eruptions triggered by cosmic rays

Saturday, June 20th, 2020

Japanese researchers suggest that explosive volcanic eruptions are triggered by cosmic rays:

Volcanoes with silica-rich and highly viscous magma tend to produce violent explosive eruptions that result in disasters in local communities and that strongly affect the global environment. We examined the timing of 11 eruptive events that produced silica-rich magma from four volcanoes in Japan (Mt. Fuji, Mt. Usu, Myojin-sho, and Satsuma-Iwo-jima) over the past 306 years (from AD 1700 to AD 2005). Nine of the 11 events occurred during inactive phases of solar magnetic activity (solar minimum), which is well indexed by the group sunspot number. This strong association between eruption timing and the solar minimum is statistically significant to a confidence level of 96.7%. This relationship is not observed for eruptions from volcanoes with relatively silica-poor magma, such as Izu-Ohshima.

It is well known that the cosmic-ray flux is negatively correlated with solar magnetic activity, as the strong magnetic field in the solar wind repels charged particles such as galactic cosmic rays that originate from outside of the solar system. The strong negative correlation observed between the timing of silica-rich eruptions and solar activity can be explained by variations in cosmic-ray flux arising from solar modulation.

Because silica-rich magma has relatively high surface tension (~ 0.1 Nm?1), the homogeneous nucleation rate is so low that such magma exists in a highly supersaturated state without considerable exsolution, even when located relatively close to the surface, within the penetration range of cosmic-ray muons (1–10 GeV). These muons can contribute to nucleation in supersaturated magma, as documented by many authors studying a bubble chamber, via ionization loss. This radiation-induced nucleation can lead to the pre-eruptive exsolution of H2O in the silica-rich magma. We note the possibility that the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption was triggered by the same mechanism: an increase in cosmic-ray flux triggered by Typhoon Yunya, as a decrease in atmospheric pressure results in an increase in cosmic-ray flux.

We also speculate that the snowball Earth event was triggered by successive large-scale volcanic eruptions triggered by increased cosmic-ray flux due to nearby supernova explosions.

(Hat tip to Hans G. Schantz.)


  1. Felix says:

    “Eight out of eleven eruptions took place in the period when the sun is not active.”

    Eight or nine? This quote was near the end of the abstract along with a graphic that seems to show maybe 6 eruptions during periods of sun inactivity.

    Probability of 9 heads in 11 flips: 0.0327 (their 96.7 “confidence”?).

    Probability of 8 heads in 11 flips: .1133.

    I wonder how many other volcanoes of this sort there are?

  2. Nast says:

    Everyone who has been following Suspicious0bservers know that. Earthquakes are triggered from space as well.

  3. Sam J. says:

    If you’re interested in this sort of thing I know of no one that has covered this as much as this guy Robert Felix. His books are “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.” and “Not by Fire but by Ice”. I’ve read both and they’re really an interesting paradigm shift and worth reading. He’s got a blog here look at it for more information.


    He says that magnetic reversals and weak magnetic shifts, the field may not completely shift polarity, causes massive volcanic eruptions and extinction events. He has a lot of data to back it up and it certainly seems plausible. This new report furthers what he has been saying all along.

    What causes Sun spots to weaken and what are they. There’s a guy(different guy from the book guy) who watches the Sun on NASA satellites and he said that through his incessant watching he has seen vast mountains of what I would call slag in the sunspots. This could any number of elements in a sponge type that when heated drives off the gas making it float. He says that he thinks the slag insulates the surface electrically and when this is broken huge static charges cause massive electric arcs. Sunspots are just where the arcs are not. This would readily explain the outside of the Sun being hotter than the inside. Vast electric charges being built up and continuously equalized by huge electrical discharges.

    I suggest that volcanoes are not caused by cosmic rays but by the lack of solar activity. That something in the Sun fields do this. I certainly could be wrong but cosmic rays don’t have near enough force as the static electric field of the Sun or it’s magnetic fields. Or could the lack of the Suns fields cause the Earths fields to align more with the galactic fields and they’re be different from the Sun’s????

    The real mystifying question is how does the state of the Suns spots cause a change in the magnetic field on Earth? We know there are magnetic portals that extend from the Sun all the way to the Earth. There’s also got to be a large static charge associated with the Sun. The electric universe people talk about this a lot. Could a build up of this slag cause a short circuiting of the magnetic or static electric fields which in turn lowers the field that Earth moves through making it’s magnetic counter field less???

    And since the Sun’s magnetic fields reverse quite often does it’s electrostatic field stay the same??? Just by the fact that the Sun’s magnetic field reverses and we see no dramatic effects from it must mean that if fields are important then the electrostatic id the most important to us.
    How would this relate to Ice Ages? Could the Sun build up a cover of slag slowing the electric arcs and lowering heat??? After a time the charges build up higher and higher until finally there’s a big burst of charge that breaks through and the slag is melted of with big discharges.

    There was a massive water melt around 12,000 years ago in two pulses but I think that was a comet hitting but it could have been solar flares. Certainly it scorched the shit out of north America and laid down a thick line of char over vast areas(black matte).

    I don’t have any real answers for this as you can see but there’s a lot of questions about the Sun and all of this that people just pretend that aren’t even questions at all. Science has not made good sense of this even remotely so you have to look further a field if you want answers even if some are wrong.

  4. Sam J. says:

    HAHA I didn’t see the name of the post above mine or it didn’t register. I wonder if that’s Robert Felix?

  5. Bob Sykes says:

    Me too. Robert Felix has a theory of Ice Ages based on reversals of the Earth’s magnetic field. See, Iceagenow,info.

  6. Felix says:

    I’m not Robert Felix.

  7. Dan Kurt says:

    Sam J.: “…there’s a lot of questions about the Sun and all of this that people just pretend that aren’t even questions at all.”

    Case in point. Two days ago, thanks to the hysterical WuFlu shutdown, I partook in a Zoom Amateur Astronomer Club meeting. The guest speaker was an Associate Professor in his 40s, at the top of his game, in command of much hardware, a raft of grad students, and computing power to the extreme. His topic was Super Nova. He models them as well as observes their remnants. He models the nature of stars, their life and deaths, the fusion of elements, and the dispersion of elements and reformation of new stars and planets over time. He talked with the confidence of one who knew he was on the right track, that being GRAVITY. Gravity alone drove all of this assembly and disassembly, over and over, constantly repeating through the eons.

    At the end of his talk, he answered questions submitted to the moderator over Zoom some of which he praised with “that is a good question” or “that was an excellent question” before answering. Then came this question read by the Zoom moderator: “What part do magnetic fields have to play in all of this.” Note: the questioner did not have the courage to even raise the term “electro-magnetic” to the Astronomer. Well, the answer was emotional dismissal. The speaker raised his voice and and stated, instead of Samuel Johnson’s Patriotism: “Magnetism is the last refuge of a scoundrel:”

    Expect no true insights from the professional Astronomers as they are in the thrall of Gravity to the exclusion of reality. Of the KNOWN UNIVERSE 99% is ionized, that is, not electrically neutral being a plasma. And yet Professional Astronomers refuse to explore the importance of electricity and magnetism as a driving force and instead restrict themselves to just Gravity.

  8. Sam J. says:

    “Magnetism is the last refuge of a scoundrel:”

    Sigh…I really think the electric universe people have got something going. Not sure if they have all the answers but there are really stupendous electric fields. Even on earth. The difference in voltage from a few feet is very high. If I remember correctly people have used this high voltage difference for airplane autopilot leveling of the wings. There’s such a great difference that measuring the voltage difference between the wings gives you an accurate indication of level.

    “…On an ordinary day over flat desert country, or over the sea, as one goes upward from the surface of the ground the electric potential increases by about 100 volts per meter…”

    “…The total potential difference from the surface of the earth to the top of the atmosphere is about 400,000 volts…”


    What the hell is that about? Where does all this come from? I don’t know the numbers but I have read that in Space there is much the same vast differences in voltages and that it could be this driving off gasses from comets not the solar wind. If the change in voltage is anything like earths then the force of voltage would be way higher than any solar wind force.

  9. Sam J. says:

    “…Expect no true insights from the professional Astronomers as they are in the thrall of Gravity to the exclusion of reality…”

    It just occurred to me talk about the unenlightened. They say religious people are nuts but these people base everything on gravity which no one really has a clue as to what gravity is. How does gravity influence things???? I read an article by G. Harry Stine that calculated the speed of influence that would be required for us to see the effects we do and gravity would have to be MUCH faster than light or we would have all kinds of havoc. Stine had a mass of good articles that showed just how whacked a lot of things were that were supposed to settled actually were.

  10. Buckethead says:

    I’ve been following the electric universe thing for a while now, and it makes a lot more sense to me than most of what I read from the ‘real’ scientists. Claiming that 96% of the universe is dark matter/dark energy that is by definition undetectable never really worked for me.

    It smelled like epicycles, to me. Inventing ever more arcane mechanisms to preserve the theory.

    By contrast, the EU proposes no new physical forces, simply claims that one that we are familiar with just might have effects on astronomical scales.

  11. Sam J. says:

    “Our magnetic field swung back and forth by about 1/3rd of a degree. I also detected ground currents with the same 10 minute period.”

    Uh oh…


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