You must not believe anything you hear on this show

Sunday, June 16th, 2019

Bill Cooper sounds like quite a character — but that’s just what they’d like you to think:

Reputed instances of Cooper’s prescience are legion. An early roundup of these forecasts can be found in the August 15th, 1990, edition of the newsletter of the Citizens Agency for Joint Intelligence (CAJI), an organization Cooper created, billing it as “the largest private intelligence-gathering agency in the world.” Published on a dot-matrix printer, carrying the tagline “Information, not money, will be the power of the nineties,” Cooper ran an article entitled “Every Prediction Has Come True.” He listed 16 of his most recent prognostications that had come to pass “or will soon be fulfilled.”

These included the disclosure that “the CIA and the military are bringing drugs into the United States to finance their black projects.” Cooper also predicted that “the rape of the Savings and Loans by the CIA is only the tip of the iceberg. At least 600 banks will go under in the next two years.” The current monetary structure, Cooper said, “will be replaced by a cashless system that will allow the government to monitor our every action by computer. If you attempt to stay out of the system you will not be allowed to buy, sell, work, get medical care, or anything else we all take for granted.”

Cooper continued to make predictions in his watershed book, Behold a Pale Horse. Published in 1991 by Light Technology, a small New Age–oriented house then located in Sedona, Arizona, Behold a Pale Horse is something of a publishing miracle. With an initial press run of 3,500 (500 hardcover, 3,000 paperback), by the end of 2017, the book was closing in on 300,000 copies sold.


Eight years before the Trench Coat Mafia murders at Columbine High School, Cooper wrote: “The sharp increase of prescriptions of psychoactive drugs like Prozac and Ritalin to younger and younger children will inevitably lead to a rash of horrific school shootings.” These incidents, he said, “will be used by elements of the federal government as an excuse to infringe upon the citizenry’s Second Amendment rights.”


“I am no Prophet, I am no Nostradamus, I have no crystal ball,” Cooper proclaimed. He was “just an ordinary guy.” There was nothing supernatural about his predictions. Anyone could do it. It was all in the methodology, summed up in what he called his “standard admonition,” the one rule every prospective Hour of the Time listener had to obey, “no matter what.”

“You must not believe anything you hear on this show,” Cooper declared. Nor was the listener to believe anything they heard from any other shortwave host, “or Larry King Live, Dan Rather, George Bush, Bill Clinton, or anyone else in this entire world, whether you hear it on radio, on television, or from the lips of someone standing right in front of you.

“Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing until you, yourself, can prove it with your own research,” Cooper told the audience. “only free-thinking, intelligent people who are prepared to root through all the crap and get at the truth should be listening to this show. Everyone else should just turn off their radio. We don’t even want you to listen.

“Listen to everyone. Read everything, believe nothing . . . until you can prove to yourself whether it is true or false or lies between the many shades of gray. If you don’t do this, if you cannot do this, or are just plain too lazy to do this, then I can assure you that you will march into the New World Order as a docile slave.”

Then Cooper made the sound of a sheep. “Baaa! Baaa! Baaaing all the way.”

Cooper’s most famous prediction was made during the June 28th, 2001, broadcast of The Hour of the Time. A little past his 58th birthday and drinking heavily, Cooper was doing his program from a studio he’d built in the den of his house at 96 North Clearview Circle, atop a hill in the small White Mountains town of Eagar, Arizona, 15 miles from the New Mexico line.

“Can you believe what you have been seeing on CNN today, ladies and gentlemen?” Cooper asked the Hour of the Time audience that evening.

“Supposedly, a CNN reporter found Osama bin Laden, took a television camera crew with him, and interviewed him and his top leadership, lieutenants, and his colonels, and generals…in their hideout!

“Now don’t you think that’s kind of strange, folks?” Cooper asked with his signature chuckle. “Because the largest intelligence apparatus in the world, with the biggest budget in the history of world, has been looking for Osama bin Laden for years, and years, and years, and can’t find him!

But some doofus jerk-off reporter with his little camera crew waltzes right into his secret hideout and interviews him!”

This meant one of two things, Cooper told the audience. Either “everyone in the intelligence community and all the intelligence agencies of the United States government are blithering idiots and incompetent fools, or they’re lying to us.”

The fact was, Cooper told the audience, no one in the U.S. intelligence services was really looking for Osama bin Laden. They knew where he was. They had since the beginning of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Bin Laden, along with his entire family, was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Central Intelligence Agency.

“They created him. They’re the ones funding him. They supported him to make their new utopian worlds…and he has served them well.” There were rumors floating around the mass media that bin Laden was planning attacks on the United States and Israel, but this was just subterfuge, Cooper said. “If Osama bin Laden is an enemy of Israel, don’t you think the Mossad would have taken care of that a long time ago?” Cooper asked.

Something else was in the wind. There was no other reason for the government to allow the CNN report but to further stamp bin Laden’s bearded, pointy face upon the collective American mind-set. Bogeyman of the moment, the Saudi prince was being readied for his close-up.

“I’m telling you to be prepared for a major attack!” Cooper declared. The target would be a large American city.

“Something terrible is going to happen in this country. And whatever is going to happen they’re going to blame on Osama bin Laden. Don’t you even believe it.”

Two and a half months later, on September 11th, 2001, after two commercial airliners flew into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in a cataclysm that killed 2,996 people, including 343 New York City Fire Department personnel, Cooper’s prediction came to pass.

By the time Cooper got on the air that morning, the towers had already fallen. Several hours passed before the name Osama bin Laden surfaced on the BBC feed Cooper was monitoring. The British station, which Cooper regarded as marginally more reliable than the American networks, was doing an interview with the former Israeli Prime Minister General Ehud Barak and Richard Perle, chairman of George W. Bush’s Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee.

Widely known as the Prince of Darkness, in part for his Reagan-era support of Edward Teller’s $100 billion Strategic Defense Initiative, known as Star Wars, Pperle said teh attacks on New York and Washington were “clearly an act of war.”

“All our Western civilization is under attack,” Barak put in. The interviewer asked Perle if he thought the United States would be justified in firing cruise missiles at Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Perle, who along with fellow neocons Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, and Donald Rumsfeld would soon push hard for the reinvasion of Iraq, answered in the affirmative.

The Afghani authorities had “allowed Osama bin Laden to operate in their territory,” Perle said. That alone was reason enough for a military strike. Bin Laden was involved, no doubt about it. Yes, Barak agreed, there was “every reason to believe” bin Laden was behind the attack.

It was then Cooper interrupted the transmission, shouting, “How do they know who did it?

“If the United States government had no warning like they say, if they didn’t know who was going to mount these attacks, and there are no survivors from the people in these planes, how do they know Osama bin Laden is behind it?”

So, yet again, Cooper was right.


Cooper made another prediction. “Folks, I can assure you that 72 hours from now we will be at war. We will be bombing two or maybe three countries….Because that’s how it works. When governments are attacked, they lash out. Thousands of people who had nothing whatsoever to do with what is happening at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are going to die.

“Nothing will be the same after today,” Cooper said grimly.

“Get ready for it, folks, because that’s what you’re going to be hearing in the next weeks and months on radio and television: Nothing will be the same after today….Because I’ll tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that’s what the people who really did this want you to think, that nothing, nothing, will be the same after today.

“And you know what? They’re right. They’re telling the truth about that. Within weeks the Congress will pass draconian legislation aimed at restricting the rights of American citizens. You’re going to have surveillance cameras on every street corner. You think your phones are being tapped now, just wait.

“No one is going to gain from this except a very small group of people. Everyone else will lose. No one will lose more than the American people.” This would be the most grievous casualty of the 9/11 attacks, Cooper told the audience, the nation itself, the America that could have been.

Freedom, the most elusive of qualities, best distilled in the inspired documents of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, had been dealt a fatal blow: “From now on, freedom will be whatever the law allows you to do.”


It was soon after that Cooper’s final prediction came true.

“They’re going to kill me, ladies and gentlemen,” he told the audience. “They’re going to come up here in the middle of the night, and shoot me dead, right on my doorstep.”

And, around midnight on November 5th, 2001, less than two months after the 9/11 attacks, that’s exactly what happened.

(Hat tip to Neovictorian.)


  1. McChuck says:

    When you throw out thousands of predictions, some are bound to happen.

    When you are a federal fugitive, you can expect armed men to show up at your door eventually.

  2. Graham says:

    Hmm. Wasn’t aware of him before.

    If it weren’t for the assumption he also made thousands of wrong predictions [they always do], that selected list would look damned alarming.

    It would make American policy, and that of others, make a lot more sense over the past 30 years, at any rate.

    Otherwise I’d have to believe the West’s leaders are just morons in thrall to stupid notions about everything from strategy and foreign policy to teen psychology and education policy. That can’t be right, can it?

  3. Kirk says:

    Yeah, here’s a news flash for you… Nobody in the US government is actually that competent. Look at the sh*tshow we have going on around us, right now, with regards to the attempted coup on Trump.

    Trust me on this… If 9/11 was a government operation, we’d already know about it. The incompetents like Strzok and his girlfriend would have been running it, and they’d have left the same kind of evidence behind, in the form of cutesy-poo little messages to each other over government-owned phones. They’re really that stupid.

    As an aside… The one thing that the whole Trump affair confirms is the basic incompetence of these people. Seriously–The trail they left behind? LOL… When it all comes out, the whole thing is going to look like a conspiracy of amateur dunces.

    In any event, the prediction that there was going to be “something” big happening wasn’t a hard one to make–Everyone who was paying attention knew all about the Clinton de-emphasis on security, and the butcher job that Jamie Gorelick did on communication between the criminal and counterintelligence stovepipes. We knew that the 9/11 hijackers were in the US; we knew who was out learning to fly aircraft and not caring about learning to land. Had the two sides talked, we’d have put those facts together, and figured out who the terrorists were long before the attacks.

    However, with Jamie Gorelick’s able assistance, they managed to destroy a lot of the necessary cross-communication between those channels, and FBI counterintelligence was never informed of what the criminal side had had reported to it.

    She was also at the Defense Department when Able Danger got shut down, which was a SOCOM-led initiative to build an all-source database. Per what many have said, some to me personally, they had ID on at least a couple of the hijackers like Muhammed Atah due to suspicious travel patterns. That got shut down, and the Colonel who ran it all got early retirement. We later started calling that stuff “Intelligence Fusion”, and it’s a key part of why there hasn’t been a major attack on US soil ever since.

    9/11 was a government conspiracy, but they’re looking at the wrong end of the telescope: The conspiracy was under the Clintons, and mainly consisted of crippling the counterintelligence forces.

    Irony is, once those protections were removed, the Obama administration turned right around and used them to target their political enemies like the Tea Party, and all the rest. Anyone who looks at the activities which were going on under that administration and misses the patterns there is really too stupid to live–Ever wonder why Justice Roberts shifted his vote on Obamacare? Yeah; they’ve got something on him. Don’t know what, but it’s almost dead-certain, because the vote he made is totally at odds with what he’d been saying before the decision was released, and it’s not consonant with other decisions he’s handed down.

    Hopefully, a lot of this will eventually come out, but who the hell knows? It’s going to be like the 1930s, where at the time, if you’d have said that the New Deal was infested with Communists and fellow-travelers, you’d have been laughed out of most venues. Now? We have the historical documents, and we know how thoroughly the FDR administration was penetrated, sometimes with his full knowing cooperation. You have to wonder what the post-WWII era would have looked like, with FDR still running the show–He’d have probably given the A-bomb to the Soviets, as feckless as he was.

    Effectively, he did, anyway–Look at the numerous warnings from Hoover in the FBI over the people who were vetted for the Manhattan Project. Left to Hoover, we would probably not have had the bomb secrets get out as quickly as they did, but then again, we might not have built it as quickly as we did once all those compromised scientists and workers got subtracted from the program. At one time, I think even Oppenheimer was seen as a security risk…

  4. Graham says:

    I’m mostly not following all that. Even at one country’s remove, it still affects me and I know it but it’s far too eventful and tiresome to keep up with.

    At any rate, around here all this stuff is routinely and cavalierly dismissed as meaningless, just as any version of Trump’s malfeasance is as easily and uncritically accepted. Sometimes one just has to tune out the surroundings unless willing to listen to the other side’s rant about how their conspiracy is true.

    My favourite memes these days are how we should not overuse words like coup, or in other contexts genocide, from the same people who have abused their meanings for decades. And these tend to be the same people who claim to be more aware of irony than I am. Unreflective, unself-aware rhetorical self-interest.

    All that stuff about the Clintons is forgotten now, anyway. They’ll never be looked at critically again.

    I am largely of the view that ‘they’ will win and are already winning. There will be no reckoning in the lifetime of anyone now living and, if one comes, it will be from outside the West.

    Perhaps the only thing that troubles me is that, at long last, there will be no outside and no barbarians waiting for things to crack.

  5. Kirk says:

    Graham, the one thing that ought to give you pause in all that is the question of whether or not they’re actively trying to habituate you to all this, so that you just roll over and let it happen.

    That’s what the left has been doing, since Gramsci. Everywhere you look, it’s predictable as hell: Their opponents are all Hitler, which is ironic as hell since Hitler was one of them. They’ve pushed the lies for so long and so hard that everyone automatically accepts that lie about the Nazis as truth, and categorizes the Nazis as right-wing. Never mind the reality that they called themselves “Socialists”, had a socialist set of beliefs about the economy, ran their economy into the ground along socialist lines, and were hand-in-glove with the Soviets right up until they turned on them.

    They pull this sh*t because they know that they’re going to win by means of exhausting their opponents, and it only works if you let them. That’s why every single “left-wing initiative” keeps coming back, time after time after time, to get rejected until finally everyone gives up fighting it.

    Which is one reason I’m so cynical about the EU–Perfect political tactics of exhaustion were used to get that through: Keep voting until they get the result they want. And, they’re trying it right now, with BREXIT, only the electorate in England isn’t having it anymore.

    The left is a faction of the criminal and the deranged deviant, and they operate accordingly.

  6. Sam J. says:

    “…Trust me on this… If 9/11 was a government operation, we’d already know about it…”

    Total bullshit. The Jews did 9-11. There’s NO WAY that building 7 on 9-11 could fall the same speed as a rock dropped in air “unless” it was held up by the same material as the rock. AIR. It’s impossible for this to happen without some sort of demo. The Jews owned the building, the security at the airport the “supposed” hijackers left from, the security in the buildings were run by Jews, and George Bushes brother, had agents set up to video the first plane strike, warned the Jews working in the building ahead of the strike, and own the media to cover it up are all owned by the Jews. They can see just as easily as I can that the fall of building 7 is impossible without demo. There’s zero chance that Arabs snuck into building 7 and planted demo in the building. Zero but the Jewish owner and his hand picked security sure could have.

    Kirk and other Jews are always wailing about how oppressed they are. Well this is why. They do shit like 9-11 to control people. Manipulate governments, finances, people and have been responsible for massive, massive deaths of non-Jews. People don’t like manipulative, murdering, shitty people who attack you and attempt to destroy the population they live among any chance they get. As long as the Jews keep acting this way they will continue to have problems. They’ve done this over and over and over and over for thousands of years and are still asking why “everyone doesn’t like me” and even worse telling us it’s some defect in us. NO. It’s their behavior.

    And it’s not just “the West” or “Russia” or the “Nazis” or “Spain” or “Babylon” it’s every single place they’ve ever been because you just can’t live with psychopaths.

    I submit that a bunch of Jews moving into your territory can no way be distinguished from a tribe of psychopaths moving into your territory. Whether the Jews are mostly psychopaths or not is irrelevant. The end effect on the country is the same as if they were. They are always involved in grandiose conspiracies, manipulation of people and comport themselves exactly like psychopaths. No one can live with psychopaths for long. Eventually people get fed up and try get rid of them in any manner they can. The Germans tried to get rid the Jews because they destroyed Germany. They used their ownership of banks to pump out massive amounts of Marks and buy up every thing in sight,(sound familiar). At the same time inflating away the whole entire middle class to where they were prostituting their children to eat. No fucking wonder they wanted to get rid of the Jews. Sane people DO NOT wish to live under the power of psychopaths.

  7. Graham says:

    Oh, they are excellent at habituating. Not me, if anything I am slowly working to note the rhetorical tools employed. Nothing I can do about it save be aware. So I’ll still get rolled.

    But habituate the world and most of the population, sure.

    Words like fascist, militarist, dictator, tyrant, resistance and so on have all had their meanings either watered down or grossly inflated as needed. Democracy too.

    The meanings of constitutional government and rule of law are subject to tactical redefinition. The latter apparently in Europe now means no political input into judge selection, at least as an ideal.

    Just about every day it’s something.

    My favourite, which I managed to call out recently in a private context, is that thing where every trivial manifestation of argument- slightly raised voice, aggressive language, insults of any kind, constitute “violence”, but throwing a milkshake, trivial manifestation of physical violence though it is, is somehow not violence but peaceful protest.

    It’s like studying an alien language.

  8. I am amazed by all of the Isegorian readers every time I read this blog and the comments. I know I am a reader, but hope to by worthy of reading it some day.

    Cooper was amazing. I knew about him before his death. I was too busy combing the Unabomber’s Manifesto when I found Cooper died.

  9. CVLR says:


    I’m afraid you must be mistaken. Market-dominant minorities wish for nothing besides brotherhood and fraternity with their gracious hosts. Central bankers would never deliberately influence the money supply for their own benefit. Your insinuations are baseless and without merit.

    Remember the six and two-thirds million.

  10. Anne Illusion says:

    Bill was a great soul, a great educator, who saw further than the vast majority and was not afraid to help people understand. Miss you Bill.

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