They would exclude foreign kids at higher rates

Friday, May 17th, 2019

The UK Department of Education has released the 2017 figures for suspensions:

By way of benchmarking, White British children are excluded at the rate of 5.23%. If British teachers were prejudiced against other racial groups, then they would exclude foreign kids at higher rates. Inspection of the rates show this is an unsupported assumption. For example, another benchmark is the Chinese exclusion rate of 0.56% which is what is attainable using Confucian principles, which presumably can be inculcated to the general benefit of all children, and all teachers. Indian children at 0.84% are doing almost as well.

UK School Exclusions by Ethnicity

If teacher’s animus is against Black foreigners, then they have got their prejudices the wrong way around. Black Africans are definitely foreign, while Black Caribbeans are British born and have been exposed to as much local culture, cuisine and weather as the White British, yet the Black Africans are excluded at the lower rate of 4.21% and the familiar Black Caribbeans at higher rate of 10.2%.


  1. E.E. says:

    I wonder how this correlates with how much freer certain cultures are with the belt as a tool of discipline?

  2. TweetWivMe says:

    A lot of the UK’s African imports are Nigerian graduates. They take something like a third of all Nigeria’s graduates each year. That’s way selective. I think the Nigerian IQ in the UK population is something above 100.

  3. McChuck says:

    Caribbean blacks don’t understand the meaning of the term “self discipline”. It is a completely foreign concept to them. Go look up the crime stats for Jamaica, and realize that those are only the crimes that got reported and recorded.

  4. Kirk says:

    One of the points that ought to be made RE: the differences between Nigerian natives and the natives of Jamaica is that the Jamaican rootstock largely consist of those people that the Nigerians found useless as human beings, first making them slaves and then selling them on to the white man.

    In the old days of the Nigerian coastal tribal societies, slavery was a permeable thing, much like Graeco-Roman slavery was. You could move back and forth across the line between free and slave, and it boiled down to “straighten out and contribute, or we’ll make you…”. Screw up often and hard enough, you could go from fairly high rank free to slave very easily. And, guess which examples got sold on to the white man to ship off to the Caribbean? The most recalcitrant, useless individuals.

    Or, so said a Nigerian acquaintance of mine, speaking about why he was so prejudiced against American blacks and others. From his point of view, they’d done the opposite of the winnowing out that Europe did–All the troublemaking lazybones got shipped out, and the productive stayed home.

    And, of course, that’s the interpretation of a man coming from a tribe that sold a butt-load of his people to the whites on the coast, but, still… It does explain a certain difference in the national experiences of Jamaicans vs. Nigerians.

    If you buy into that sort of thing.

  5. Alistair says:

    Recent (legal) African immigrants to the UK are generally the cream of their societies; doctors etc. Plus high motivation to successfully emigrate.

    West Indians in the UK are slave descendants; they were imported for manual jobs in the midlands and had no qualifications or qualities worth a damn.

    The results are entirely predictable. Pick your IQ or culture or both explanation. The UK education establishment, completely subverted by modish theories, finds the data wildly confusing for its go-to “waaaaaycism” explanation.

    I believe a similar pattern holds in the US.

  6. Alistair says:

    I see the board has converged on the obvious explanations for the data, and consequently committed hate-truth.

    I suspect we will all be sent to corrective labour camps after the revolution.

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