I cannot think of a better way to screw up a road junction

Friday, May 17th, 2019

Dunlap discusses .50-caliber Brownings:

For destroying thin-skins (unarmored vehicles) it was really the ticket, and often the boys used them on Nips in fairly open country, spraying tracers and the explosive incendiaries over the landscape at a great rate. Machine gunners told me that they could do phenomenal shooting at great ranges, using optical sights or firing indirectly, as do artillery pieces, but I do not know of any place in the Pacific where such use was made of these guns. Europe was much better suited to that sort of gun work, for I cannot think of a better way to screw up a road junction than to work a .50 up to within a couple or three miles, set it in a hollow, camouflaged, and every so often throw a few armor piercers or incendiaries over to the crossing. The blue-tipped incendiaries explode on contact, with flash, report and puff of smoke. All ground guns could fire single shots at choice and very accurate fire was possible. Even full auto-fire was not hard to control.


  1. Stretch says:

    Every family member and family friend that saw combat in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, or Current Unpleasantness LOVED the M2. Whether in infantry support on a tripod, mobile on a truck or half-track or Jeep or *HALLELUJAH* a quad-mount, it was THE answer to all non-armored problems.

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