Steven Den Beste has died

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Steven Den Beste of the U.S.S. Clueless has died. Glenn Reynolds will miss him:

I’ve missed his blogging for years. He was a giant in the early days of the blogosphere. And even afterward, he made his contributions, like his Unified Theory Of Left-Wing Causes. Rest in peace, Steven.

I cited him often back in the early days of the blogosphere (2003).


  1. Allen says:

    He really was great. I’m no engineer and he made it interesting to me

  2. Isegoria says:

    It turns out Borepatch is a long-time fan, too — and he got a comment from Den Beste!

  3. Graham says:

    A favourite site for me in those years. So rich in content, thought and clarity.

    I missed his work when he left that world.

    I didn’t even know this site back then, nor Cold Fury, who also reported Mr. Den Beste’s passing.

    Funny how the web works that I should have followed so many kindred sites then and missed others until the last few years. I find it curiously gratifying that sites I follow now and was ignorant of then, were nevertheless working at the same time and conversing with him. A sign of community is always worthwhile, but especially on a medium like this.

    He gave me plenty to think about back then. All worthwhile. RIP.

  4. He was, for me, the most important blogger in the early days. I enjoyed reading everything he wrote — and was overjoyed on those occasions that he linked my old blog.

    The only more recent blogger that for me had something of the feel and depth of the old USS Clueless was Aretae. And of course, he also stopped blogging.

    Also, it looks like this is a clean archive of all of the old Clueless site:

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