Nixon’s 1968 Law & Order Ads

Saturday, July 16th, 2016

Steve Sailer remembers being amazed in the 1970s to hear that his mother and his aunt Kay would go to the movies downtown several times per week during the 1940s:

The idea that women had once been free to walk and take public transit at night in the city was astonishing in the post-Great Society era.

This was brought to mind by some of Nixon’s 1968 Law & Order ads:

Sailer adds these thoughts:

One interesting aspect is that these Hitchcockian ads were clearly aimed at fairly sophisticated grown-ups, people who had loved “North by Northwest” and felt obligated to see “Psycho” but didn’t like it. The ads look a lot in style like the following year’s “Midnight Cowboy.” You constantly hear about Nixon’s Southern Strategy, but these ads are about as Northern as you can get.

In reality, in 1968′s three-way race, George Wallace carried white Southerners who wanted to restore Jim Crow in their mixed race small towns; Humphrey carried white Southerners in the Appalachians who lived in all-white communities; and Nixon carried white Southern suburbanites who wanted to put Jim Crow behind them and join modern America.


  1. Slovenian Guest says:

    Made me think of a good one Trump could, nay, should do now: take the video of the Nice truck attack turned grayscale and overlay it with audio of Hilary saying “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people”, then play the Paris attack video, and again Hilary “and have nothing to do with terrorism”, ending it with “Who do you stand with?” text followed by the “Trump 2016″ logo.

    Which is itself a nod to attorney general Loretta Lynch, who said one day after the San Bernardino shootings how she “Stands with Muslims” and that the Justice Department will take aggressive action against people using anti-Muslim rhetoric. Classified emails are one thing, but rhetoric, can’t let that slide!

  2. Adar says:

    People living in Chicago during the 1950s used to spend the day fishing and then sleep on the rocks with only a blanket until the next morning. Don’t try that today.

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