Valerian’s Influence on Star Wars

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Star Wars borrows heavily from many sources, including a French bande dessinée called Valerian et Laureline:

In Sci-Fi Chronicles: A Visual History of the Galaxy’s Greatest Science Fiction, contributor Matt Bielby details some of the designs and concepts in the Star Wars films that are similar to elements that first appeared in the French comic: “The slave-girl outfit that Laureline wore in a 1972 adventure appears to have inspired Princess Leia Organa’s costume in The Return of the Jedi (1983). Other elements of Star Wars that seem indebted to the French strip include the Millennium Falcon, Luke falling from Cloud City, Han in carbonite, Darth Vader’s scarred face and the concept of clone armies — indeed, on first seeing the George Lucas film, Mézières was said to have been ‘furious.’”

Laureline Slave-GirlValerian Villain Unmasking

Valerian Imprisoned

Valerian ClonesShingouz


  1. LL says:

    Yeah, I read it when I was a child in Tintin magazine.

    See Star Wars and Valerian.

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