Virtual Jannisaries

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Jehu’s reactionary plan for victory starts from the fact that conservatives have more children than progressives:

Simply put, our side of the culture war is reproducing itself, and theirs is not. With a few enhancements (celebrating large families, supporting those among our friends that choose to have them, and having more children ourselves), this is the core of our plan for victory. Notice that this is not a tactic, nor a grand strategy in the Napoleonic sense. No, this is something far scarier to anyone who has studied history, particularly military history. This is logistics. Logistical superiority is decisive over protracted conflicts when the side possessing it has the will.

In His great wisdom, he has made many of the great sins self-limiting.

The next big component is to prevent the other side from stealing our children for use against us as virtual jannisaries. The major weapon in the arsenal here is homeschooling. Homeschool families, in addition to having a much better TFR (total fertility ratio averaging 3.5, which may be an underestimate given that not all of the families surveyed are likely to be done having children) are much more likely to pass their world view on to their children.

The reason for this shouldn’t be surprising. The average kid spends around 6-8 hours a day for an average of 180 days a year in school. If you count other para-school activities where they’re under the auspices of the school, it gets even worse. This has most parents and churches massively outgunned. Most people’s world views aren’t formed by careful contemplation but rather by rote repetition. Here’s another secret. It is practically impossible to teach without also teaching a world view. I found this out directly when teaching engineering, which is one of the least ideological subjects I can think of. So since controlling the public schools isn’t feasible until we have hegemony, and schools are inherently agencies of indoctrination, it follows that we should work to withdraw our children from them and undermine their public support, with an eye towards destroying them or coopting them (in the off chance that we start to succeed on a faster time scale than I had hoped).

Fortunately, they really are quite wretched at their stated goals, which is really quite surprising when you think about it. Here they are, with massive staffs and tons of educated people available to them, and massive budgets and resources available to them as well. And they still can’t produce results better than homeschool moms with a high school education or less. This must infuriate them, as it would me, if your average DIY’er could do better engineering than me with my vaunted PhD and years of industry experience.

I can practically see the sly grin forming:

The next part of the strategy, having secured our own children, is to steal theirs. How would we do this? The answer is, the stupid, or perhaps blessed bastards will give them to us. All we have to do is to take them by offering them what they claim they want — i.e., a better education for less money. Getting their young sons is particularly easy. You see, the leftist indoctrination is so anti-male, and especially anti-young boy, that all you have to do to make loyal allies of them is one simple thing. Don’t hate them. A mere lack of animus is really all it takes.

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