Who will watch the Watchmen smoke?

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

With Watchmen coming out soon, and with the recent development of the electronic cigarette, I thought some enterprising entrepreneur would introduce a look-alike product mimicking the harmless cigarette developed by the superhuman Doctor Manhattan.

But it looks like the movie won’t be providing free advertising after all. Who will watch the Watchmen smoke?

It’s no secret that Zack Snyder paid insane attention to the detail in Watchmen. We’ve seen full pages of Tijuana bibles, and a to-scale Gunga Diner recreation. But Laurie’s smokes are noplace to be seen. So we asked the OCD director himself, while he was doing press for Watchmen, why Ms. Laurie Juspeczyk has kicked her habit.

Where were Laurie’s smokes, Zack?

“Yeah, Alan hates smoking. Alan Horn — the head of the studio — that’s his biggest, biggest thing. The Comedian can smoke, because he might be a bad guy, he’s the bad guy, but that’s it. That was the line that he drew.”

But aren’t those kind of a small plot device for the character to watch her go on and off the wagon?

“I was sad, but it was either that or… the movie wouldn’t have been made, literally.”

(Hat tip to Jacob Grier via Reason.)

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