Both an Atheist and a Believer in Divine-Right Monarchy

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Mencius Moldbug half-jokes that he is both an atheist and a believer in divine-right monarchy, citing Sir Robert Filmer‘s Patriarcha. before explaining his own less-theocratic take:

But an atheist, such as myself, has a simpler way of getting to the same result. Really, what Filmer is saying, is: if you want stable government, accept the status quo as the verdict of history. There is no reason at all to inquire as to why the Bourbons are the Kings of France. The rule is arbitrary. Nonetheless, it is to the benefit of all that this arbitrary rule exists, because obedience to the rightful king is a Schelling point of nonviolent agreement. And better yet, there is no way for a political force to steer the outcome of succession — at least, nothing comparable to the role of the educational authorities in a democracy.

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