At first, they thought it was blood from one of the sperm whales

Saturday, March 23rd, 2024

During a tourist excursion in Bremer Canyon, a whale-watching hotspot off the coast between Albany and Hopetoun, scientists witnessed a pod of sperm whales forming a “rosette” — that is, forming a circle with their heads together — as orcas attacked, before unleashing their defense defecation:

They described seeing a “cloud of diarrhea” permeate the water, and this rarely seen defense mechanism seemed to help the sperm whale pod escape what could have been a fatal attack by at least 30 killer whales, ABC News Australia reported.


As the event unfolded, onlookers noticed a large, “dark bubble” pop up to the water’s surface. At first, they thought it was blood from one of the sperm whales, potentially a small calf. But when the team later reviewed footage of the plume, they realized it was actually whale poop.

“Because [a] sperm whale’s diet consists mostly of squid, they actually have this really reddish colored poo,” she said.


  1. Phileas Frogg says:

    This is vaguely reminiscent of a proposed means of industrial/social sabotage recommended by the less than savory denizens of a particular website of infamy, which I shall refrain from naming. The idea was created and put together following the publication of a news story concerning an unusual event on an airline.

    A passenger experienced a bout of explosive diarrhea, which saturated the cabin and was running down the aisles, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing for health reasons.

    The plan was to simply have legions of young men take laxatives before boarding planes, grinding air travel to a halt. Because of it’s diffuse nature and the seeming innocuity of the mishap, it would be virtually impossible to defend against.

    Fecal warfare, both offensive and defensive. The one thing you can say about Clown World, at least it’s good for a laugh every now and again.

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