Faked, finger-on-the-button rage could bring the Soviets to heel

Thursday, November 30th, 2023

Henry Kissinger just passed away — at the age of 100. His name has shown up here in a few dozen posts. The earliest substantive post discusses The Nukes of October:

Codenamed Giant Lance, Nixon’s plan was the culmination of a strategy of premeditated madness he had developed with national security adviser Henry Kissinger. The details of this episode remained secret for 35 years and have never been fully told. Now, thanks to documents released through the Freedom of Information Act, it’s clear that Giant Lance was the leading example of what historians came to call the “madman theory”: Nixon’s notion that faked, finger-on-the-button rage could bring the Soviets to heel.

Volume one of Kissinger is the best thing Niall Ferguson has done, in his own opinion.


  1. Southerner says:

    He would be proud to see the left-wing meltdown his death has occasioned. Jerk he may have been but he left the planet a better place than he found it.

  2. Lu An Li says:

    Intimidation. To dissuade the Soviets from attacking China, so it is said.

  3. Bob Sykes says:

    I cannot imagine a more wantonly reckless policy. On balance, Kissinger was a monster and a war criminal. Pol Pot and the Cambodian genocide were consequences of his so-called policies.

    And we haven’t learned. The American people suffer under the most violent corrupt government in the world. Our law agencies routinely murder people: Ruby Ridge, Waco, Ashli Babbit, and most likely JFK and RFK.

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