Bullying was considered a virtue

Monday, October 2nd, 2023

Walter Isaacson’s Elon Musk biography explains that when Elon was twelve he was taken by bus to a wilderness survival camp, known as a veldskool:

“It was a paramilitary Lord of the Flies,” he recalls. The kids were each given small rations of food and water, and they were allowed — indeed encouraged — to fight over them. “Bullying was considered a virtue,” his younger brother Kimbal says. The big kids quickly learned to punch the little ones in the face and take their stuff. Elon, who was small and emotionally awkward, got beaten up twice. He would end up losing ten pounds.

Near the end of the first week, the boys were divided into two groups and told to attack each other. “It was so insane, mind-blowing,” Musk recalls. Every few years, one of the kids would die. The counselors would recount such stories as warnings. “Don’t be stupid like that dumb fuck who died last year,” they would say. “Don’t be the weak dumb fuck.”

Another heartwarming childhood story:

The Musk family kept German Shepherd dogs that were trained to attack anyone running by the house. When he was six, Elon was racing down the driveway and his favorite dog attacked him, taking a massive bite out of his back. In the emergency room, when they were preparing to stitch him up, he resisted being treated until he was promised that the dog would not be punished. “You’re not going to kill him, are you?” Elon asked. They swore that they wouldn’t. In recounting the story, Musk pauses and stares vacantly for a very long time. “Then they damn well shot the dog dead.”

And another:

“If you have never been punched in the nose, you have no idea how it affects you the rest of your life,” he says.


They came up from behind, kicked him in the head, and pushed him down a set of concrete steps. “They sat on him and just kept beating the shit out of him and kicking him in the head,” says Kimbal, who had been sitting with him. “When they got finished, I couldn’t even recognize his face. It was such a swollen ball of flesh that you could barely see his eyes.” He was taken to the hospital and was out of school for a week. Decades later, he was still getting corrective surgery to try to fix the tissues inside his nose.


After the school fight, Errol sided with the kid who pummeled Elon’s face. “The boy had just lost his father to suicide, and Elon had called him stupid,” Errol says. “Elon had this tendency to call people stupid. How could I possibly blame that child?”

When Elon finally came home from the hospital, his father berated him. “I had to stand for an hour as he yelled at me and called me an idiot and told me that I was just worthless,” Elon recalls. Kimbal, who had to watch the tirade, says it was the worst memory of his life. “My father just lost it, went ballistic, as he often did. He had zero compassion.”


  1. Jim says:

    Mad lit on God.

  2. Contaminated NEET says:

    They make such a big show of being big tough masculine men, and then what do they do? They give away their country for rugby matches.

  3. Jim says:

    In South Africans’ defense, they were embargoed by the United States. Then, once their government had been safely handed over to a black communist school bus-bombing enthusiast, the embargoes were lifted. Somewhat later, Louis Theroux dropped by to humiliate the stateless Boer rearguard on camera. Nothing is beyond the Eternal Anglo’s reach.

  4. Contaminated NEET says:

    They were so tough they sent their sons to lethal summer camp, but they just couldn’t handle life without McDonald’s and Citibank? Mediocre.

  5. Jim says:

    I suspect that they could have gone without fast food and City of London-style fractional reserve banking, especially when the known alternative was being chopped up by prehistoric man bearing cleavers or personally experiencing the joys of ass-to-mouth spike impalement, but it’s awfully hard to resist Total Penetration Bukkake by six million super-duper-extra-non-governmental organizations all working day and night to sabotage your economy, degrade your security service, and terrorize your citizenry. History would suggest that only a good old-fashioned Oriental despotism, like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, has even a chance.


  6. VXXC says:

    “Don’t be the weak dumb fuck.”

    Good advice. If the Boers can outlast the American-Anglo madness that is now ending, they’ll prosper again.

    Elon is who he is because of his upbringing.

    Now, shortly, all those who judge “ohhh, harsh” will, with their dying, pathetic last gasps, curse their parents for making them so weak.

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