Stop robbing the little delivery robots

Sunday, September 10th, 2023

Since Los Angeles and Greenville, North Carolina are not Japan, their residents must be asked to stop robbing the little delivery robots that bring groceries and meals to customers:

Los Angeles TV station KTLA5 has recently reported on a number of robot theft and vandalism incidents in West Hollywood, where some robots have been robbed of the goods they’re delivering, including food. The robots are used by local restaurants and are built by Serve Robotics, which pointed out to KTLA5 that despite some incidents the robots still have a 99.9% delivery completion rate.


Early on delivery robot developers have tried to allay commercial customers’ concerns over the potential for theft from robots, showcasing locked compartments and plenty of surveillance tech on the robots themselves, in addition to loud sirens. After a honeymoon period of sorts early on in the pandemic where robots were generally left alone, this is no longer the case, and sirens aren’t stopping acts of theft and vandalism in all cases.

But Los Angeles isn’t the only place where robots are encountering safety issues. The campus of East Carolina University has also seen instances of vandalism against GrubHub robots, made by Starship, earlier this year.


As with far more widespread instances of front porch package thieves or shoplifters, despite the volume of video evidence the robots can produce the police have to actually take some investigative steps to identify and locate the suspects.


  1. Bomag says:

    Couple of incidents like this should solve things:

  2. Jim says:

    I, for one, side with the valiant black land pirates against the soulless robot bug corporations and some of the worst people on earth, their venture capitalist backers. We should all be taking steps to reclaim the misbegotten gains of those who made their wealth by a combination of spying on people, running MITM money-making schemes on a national scale through the Internet, and being closest to the central bank infinite free money waterfall.

  3. Freddo says:

    Under brave new Democrat rule any missing deliveries under $950 is not actually crime-crime. And it is racist to deny the vibrant community their chance to learn and interact with technology.

  4. Jack Smack says:

    Companies that use robots for anything deserve to be stolen from. Anti-human sentiment deserves this. Fuck robots and the CEOs who want to replace people with them.

  5. Lucklucky says:

    “Companies that use robots for anything deserve to be stolen from. Anti-human sentiment deserves this. Fuck robots and the CEOs who want to replace people with them.”

    I see you are against Freedom.

  6. Bob Sykes says:

    In retrospect, is this at all surprising? Shouldn’t one expect these robberies to occur? What is amazing is the utter stupidity of the people trying to operate such a service.

    P.S. Lucklucky’s comment is unintelligible to me.

  7. Lucklucky says:

    It is part of what means Freedom to not associate with anyone you do not want to. If you want to only work with robots you should be able to.

  8. Jim says:

    In my observation, “freedom of association” libertarianism is a one-way street whereby the good rule-following white wagie pocket-protectorate are mobilized to faithfully guard the abstract “freedom of association” of the low-mid-prole true-believer cannon-fodder flank until they complete their capture of the sub-executive parts of an organization, whereupon they (the libertarians) are promptly purged. Fundamentally, libertarianism cannot succeed because it is absolutely contrary to libertarian principle to recognize that no one on earth is more opposed to “muh free market” than ostensible free-market capitalists and that no one but a straight white shopkeeper-type man of Anglo-Germanic descent will ever find libertarianism intrinsically compelling and not merely a convenient means to an effective end.

    Freedom is when I literally own the libs, as chattels.

  9. Lucklucky says:

    You seem to think that Capitalism, a Marxist designation, does not have many flavors.

    To tell you a story, I have found company owners full of praise for Fidel Castro.

  10. Jim says:

    It’s what they call themselves. They call themselves capitalists, and they say that capitalism is great and that they’re doing it, and not just any capitalism but American capitalism, and not just any American capitalism but good old American capitalism. And then when you have a look at the good old American capitalism, you find that it is suburban house landlordism, insurance, commercial real estate lending, venture capitalism, smartphone app food delivery, AI chatbot wrappers, hedge funds surreptitiously buying up regional businesses, cryptocurrency scams, dropshipping, software development agencies unemploying mid-tier white-collar labor, tasteless carrots, lumber with ever-fewer growth rings, saline-injected ribeye from a cow that never saw the sky, low-volume artillery production defense industry contracting, adtech, self-driving cars that repossess themselves, lithium strip mine electric cars, DOD brain chips, reusable rockets to take women to space, yet another fintech payment processing middleman scheme, FIS, LexisNexis, PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Walmart, Child Protective Services, Microsoft, Accenture, JPMorgan Chase, In-Q-Tel, WELL, fifteen-minute cities, BlackRockVanguardStateStreet, natural asset companies, infinity green energy initiatives dead-silent on the eternal NQ (Nuclear Question), and so on literally without end.

    If it’s sufficiently valuable and insufficiently nailed down, literally or legally, corporations will gladly swoop in to strip mine it to oblivion. Free-market competition. Returning value to shareholders. Job creation.

    At its most brutal, its agents will literally rip off your body’s most sensitive organ in your first hours of life. Hospitals genitally mutilate tens of million of baby boys to sell their tissue in the free market.

    That’s just what capitalism is.

    If you are not a capitalist, capitalism does not give a flying fuck about you.

    Live in the pod. Eat the bugs. Wear the mask.

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