Logical reasoning and de-escalation won’t work

Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

Greg Ellifritz watched this video of a recent convenience store robbery, and it caused him to think about how common criminal attacks are fundamentally changing:

Multiple attackers: The attacks most people face are no longer from a lone drug user. In the attacks I’m researching, three attackers seem to be the bare minimum along with larger groups of 10 or more criminals working together on occasion. These criminals are organized and they have a plan to handle any resistance in the areas they are robbing. They also have lookouts and people assigned to confront witnesses and store security staff to ensure their robberies are unimpeded.

A merging of the distinction between process and resource predators: In the book Facing Violence, Rory Miller categorized predators as being two basic types. Resource predators are looking to take your things. It could be your watch, your purse, your car, or the goods stocked on a store shelf. Process predators aren’t interested in your stuff. They get pleasure out of the process of victimization. They revel in the act of causing pain and misery.

Historically, process predators have been comparatively rare. Most attacks were committed by resource predators. The bad guys wanted your stuff. They didn’t want to hurt you unless it was necessary to get what they were targeting. Today’s criminals seem to mix the two categories. They want your stuff, but they also take an obscene amount of pleasure in hurting you during the act of taking it.

Compliance will not guarantee your safety: Building on the point above, complying with the attacker will not necessarily keep you safe. In fact, it may embolden the criminals and make it more likely for them to physically attack or pepper spray you even after taking all your stuff.


The store clerk in that case did not resist at all. Despite the fact that she complied, the robbers selected one of their members to punch, kick, and stomp the woman for the duration of their crime.

Younger attackers; Today’s attackers are often young teens or even pre-teens. How would you feel about shooting or striking a 12-year old kid? Those kids know that you will hesitate more when attacked by a child. They also know that the court system isn’t likely to impose serious consequences for such young offenders. Are you prepared to shoot a kid if you have to?


Logical reasoning and de-escalation won’t work: Lots of police agencies and self defense classes are currently focusing on teaching verbal de-escalation skills. In my experience, verbal de-escalation seldom works in attacks involving group violence. Your singular efforts to de-escalate can’t compete with the efforts of several other group members who are trying to escalate. The group demands violence for its amusement. You likely won’t be able to prevent that violence no matter what magic words you utter.

On video: Everything you do will be recorded. The criminals are recording their own attacks for amusement purposes. Almost all commercial public areas are covered by surveillance cameras. Everything you do in the middle of the chaotic attack will be reviewed by people who don’t understand criminal violence and have weeks or years of calm contemplation to decide if you’ve made the correct choice.

Many prosecutors aren’t interested in filing charges against the violent kids who attacked your or stole your stuff. They won’t hesitate a bit to prosecute you if you make what they perceive is an unreasonable self defense decision.


  1. Ranger says:

    This sort of thing is exactly why I carry. Let these animals go wild all they want, but the instant they threaten my safety or that of my family, it doesn’t matter what age they are. I will take the necessary steps to keep myself safe.

  2. Bruce says:

    Democratic party shakedown.

  3. Contaminated NEET says:

    Ranger, have fun explaining in court why you called your victims “animals.” If you were serious, you wouldn’t be boasting to anonymous idiots about what a big tough man you are.

  4. Jim says:

    We have just one solution and it is to speak the truth—


  5. Bomag says:

    ”Many prosecutors aren’t interested in filing charges against the violent kids who attacked you or stole your stuff.”

    Why is criminal advocacy by our alleged rulers such a thing? Partly explained by:

    ”Process predators aren’t interested in your stuff [or well being]. They get pleasure out of the process of victimization. They revel in the act of causing pain and misery.”

  6. TRX says:

    There is a great amount of overlap between robbery and homicide in larger cities. In 1969, LAPD merged their Robbery and Homicide dividions into a single Robbery/Homicide division, since most of the time they were connected at the same crime scene.

    As far as straight violence… it has been, what, fifteen years since “The Knockout Game” videos started surfacing on Youtube and elsewhere? It’s big fun for the perpetrators. Every couple of weeks some attack makes the national media. Well, the “alternate” media, anyway.

  7. VXXC says:

    We have to choose between the law and civilization.

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