The girl’s father beat the beaver to death

Friday, July 14th, 2023

A rabid beaver bit a young girl while she was swimming in a northeast Georgia lake:

Kevin Beucker, field supervisor for Hall County Animal Control, told WDUN-AM that the beaver bit the girl on Saturday while she was swimming off private property in the northern end of Lake Lanier near Gainesville.

The girl’s father beat the beaver to death, Beucker said.

Don McGowan, supervisor for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division, told WSB-TV that a game warden who responded described the animal as “the biggest beaver he’s ever seen.” The warden estimated it at 50 or 55 pounds (23 or 25 kilograms), McGowan said.

The beaver later tested positive for rabies at a state lab.


State wildlife biologists said beaver attacks are rare. They said the last one they remember in Lake Lanier was 13 years ago.

That’s not nearly as rare as I would have expected.


  1. Boganboy says:

    Would have expected the environmentalists to scream demands that the father be publicly shamed for killing this poor helpless animal.

    You Yanks are obviously more sensible than we Aussies.

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