Vague and not especially constitutional laws from the 1960s

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Kulak has been reading Christopher Caldwell’s The Age of Entitlement, which covers “ America since the 60s”:

How did Ivy league educated Lawyers and Bureaucrats turn some very vague, and not especially constitutional laws from the 1960s, seemingly passed by many of the congressmen of the time as a feel good bill they expected to do nothing… and instead turn them into a basis of permanent post-political Bureaucratic control?


I don’t think you can understand modern politics unless you understand that as much as the left and institutional bureaucracy is rushing to rig every institution and system in their favour… they’re fundamentally doing it out of fear.


All of America rejected the 1960s!

They rejected it when they gave Nixon the biggest political landslide in US history in 1972, and they rejected it again when they Elected Ronald Reagan…

American’s voted in sweeping majorities to undo the 1960s and strip the Harvard educated Legal/Bureaucratic elite of every ounce of power they’d usurped via tortured interpretations of the 64 civil rights act… and so of course Nixon was the subject of a coup d’etat! “Deep Throat” the Watergate informant was an FBI Associate Director. The people who actually did the Wiretapping were FBI and CIA agents… this is all public record… and yet the only thing that’s unknown is if Nixon actually knew the wiretapping was going on Ie. The one faction that lost political power instead of gaining it was the one that had a sweeping democratic mandate and might have been innocent in the literal sense of the word “Lacking knowledge”.

Reagan of course took the opposite tact and appeased the legal/bureaucratic machine: instead of ending affirmative action “With the stroke of a pen” as he promised, and ss any president could do given there has never been a single law passed mandating it and it is entirely Executive branch agency made “Regulation” that can be undone via executive order at any time.


But this is why Progressives and Regime Conservatives are so terrified of the “Latent Fascism” in the American people… Their entire empire could be ripped down at a seconds notice if the people just simultaneously demanded it and had a political movement willing to do it.


  1. Bob Sykes says:

    America’s legacy white population is declining in number, and it will soon be a minority, albeit the largest minority. The US will then be a majority black/brown country with the politics, culture, and economics of Africa and Latin America.

    The only positive element in Future USA is that blacks and Hispanics hate each other, and will not tolerate each other in their neighborhoods. Blacks once ran LA, but the Mexicans drove them out by gang warfare.

    There’s a picture of a drug cartel soldier with an automatic rifle, anti-tank rocket, and body armor on the internet today. One wonders how much of the US the cartels now control, and how much they will control tomorrow.

  2. Ullan says:

    It seems authoritarianism or violence is a very real possibility. Democracy only works if you are willing to compromise and lose graciously about half the time, with the belief the other side is only misguided, instead of evil.

    It is becoming impossible to deny that major elements of the left are cartoonishly, satanically evil. Their hatred of those who disagree with them is on open display, their contempt for due process, free speech and innocent life is undeniable and they seem to want to destroy everything good in society.

  3. Michael van der Riet says:

    But… fascism is exactly what the Dems want, a one-party state, microscopic control of every aspect of the economy, the cult of the leader, submerging of individualism and inverting of morals…

  4. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Well, rather than cult of the leader, it’s cult of their demonic idols, moloch, ishtar, gaia, adam kadmon…

  5. Ullan says:

    Fascism and communism are both types of authoritarian socialism. Calling fascism right wing is a lie, it’s still a collectivist slave ideology, just based on race rather than class. The west at its best thrived under a more corporatist world view where society was a team with everyone playing there role as citizens rather than slaves. Libertarianism is just selfish hedonism that atomizes society, making it ripe for conquest.

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