Mental illness is no longer something to recover from and fight against

Monday, April 18th, 2022

The younger generation’s understanding of mental health is completely destroying people’s lives:

I have met and helped and treated numerous individuals now who are my peers in age — anything from 18-early 30s. And so many have internalized a generational “understanding” of mental illness that is toxic and worthless beyond condemnation. Our youngest generations’ understanding of mental health enables, encourages, and at worst glorifies mental illness. I can not understate the number of times I’ve met a young woman who has made being mentally ill, and polysexual, and queer, and autistic, et cetera, their identity.

Accountability is absent to the nth degree. But more importantly, a lack of any accountability has deprived these people of personal empowerment and agency. Mental illness is no longer something to recover from and fight against. It is an identity and a definition of life itself. There is no reason to seek “cures” (which of course is borderline nonexistent in mental health but that’s a whole essay itself), there is no reason to look to better ourselves. There is no reason to fight our internal struggles at a personal level, without feeling the need to inform every last member of the community whom we interact with. This is not only society’s problem, but our peers’.

Recently I have been working with a woman a bit older than I am, but she is just an example of something I’ve seen numerous times. She understands every moment of high anxiety to be a crisis: deserving of calling hotlines devoted to suicidal people. Every second of discomfort is an attack on themselves. “Trauma response” is the only verbiage through which they understand how maybe a parent wasn’t so loving, so now a snide comment = mental health crisis. They have no contextual understanding how minor inconveniences can and SHOULD be resolved quietly to themselves by being a little anxious for a night. To them, it is an affront to their character, an affirmation that they are disabled and unable to contribute to society without constant affirmation. And they have the internet to thank.

The culture of mental health amongst millennials and lower glorifies and denies all responsibilities towards people with mental illness. Not to mention the flimsy and extremely thin definitions by which they diagnose themselves and each other. I have never in my life met a they/them who also didn’t call themselves “autistic” and “traumatized.” This is not a coincidence. The internet community they are a part of is destroying all sense of responsibility and personal understanding of agency and even sexuality. The result is people aged 14-mid 30s who have no grasp of improving themselves or working on their mental health. The aforementioned woman feels zero responsibility for losing now dozens of friends who did something between refusing to be a part of her “crisis plan” or simply not acknowledging her severity of mental illness. But I’ve seen her dozens of times. She can hold down a job just fine. She shows more initiative than any homeless person (of which I’ve worked with hundreds) I’ve ever met. But her understanding of herself and any struggles is so absolutely poisoned by this ridiculous generational attitude towards mental illness that she will never recover. To not be a part of the cult is in of itself a toxic trait to her poisoned mind.

A second of anxiety is a crisis. Two panic attacks in a week merit hospitalization. A close friend refusing to validate these things is valid grounds for terminating the relationship. And so on, it repeats. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and I’ve now met numerous people who would otherwise be functioning members of society who instead have no belief or understanding that they could be just that. Instead they are queer disabled anarchists with trauma response issues unable to hold down a job… because when you surround yourself with enablers and increasingly lenient definitions, something as simple as an anxiety attack once in your life will quickly turn into being “handicapped” and separate you from society in perpetuity.


  1. Chedolf says:

    A century ago the Left wanted to improve mankind through eugenics, weeding out dysgenic defectives. Today the Left preaches that everyone is perfect just the way they are and that defectives are even more perfect than healthy people.

  2. Doktor Jeeo says:

    I kind of saw this coming in the 1990s. I would meet women who would tell me long sordid tales of destructions of life, property, hope, credit card accounts, cars, etc.

    I would stupidly ask “well, why did you do it?”

    They all had that same look in their eyes when they start saying

    “Well, I’m diagnosed bipoloar and..” at that point I’m not listening.

    The bipolar diagnosis was, in the 1990s, a license to destroy people through carelessness and base desires and not feel responsible for it in any way.

  3. Ezra says:

    “One pill makes you happy, one pill makes you tall, and the one that mother gives you doesn’t do any good at all.”

    Heavy dude. You are melting.

  4. Monty Zuma says:

    Best to learn Russian or Chinese on the international level. Spanish domestically, as the Empire will soon be on the level of Latin America. The Wimp Generation will be overrun by the slave caste soon enough. The Aztecs did the same thing to the former dynasty. There will be no Cortez to stop the obsidian daggers in the coming collapse though. The Cartel butchers are merely fulfilling their genetic imperatives. Too bad for the libtards that they fail to realize it will be their carcasses rolling down the temple steps when the Meso-Americans retake control

  5. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    The weltanshauung of social media zoomers today, is simply earnest belief in the ideological weapons deployed by subversives of yesteryear.

    The post-enlightenment mode of engagement with Being is almost univocally morbid, compulsively dwelling on dysfunctions, possible or otherwise, and pallitation for dysfunction. It dwells on injuriousness, senescence, and ‘fall-shortedness’ in general, which at the limit becomes the only lens through which it engages with Being at all; a matter (a being) has Matter only to the extent to which it is more morbid – and thus deserving of pallitation – than other matters, and nil else matters.

    One can see a perfect illustration of this fact in how the question of military matters in general and veterancy in particular is approached in popular discourse. Even when the point is to glorify warriors, this weltanshauung simply does not contain tools capable of such a thing. Top to bottom with ‘look at how hard these people had it, look at how terrible war is, and now heres a number for our ptsd hotline’.

    There is nothing in it’s mind for anything beyond ‘normal’, which even this it leaves ambiguously undefined, in a state of constant disequilibria, carried only by inertia of previously hollowed out social capital and unprincipled exceptions. It does not dwell on what is good or great or glorious for folk, on what may make for greatness; because such modes of thought could be threatening to political ambitions rationalized by ressentiment; because such modes of thought could be threatening to their own insecurities; because such would hardly be capable of imagining such things in the first place.

    They see themselves as patients, the world as an asylum, and are desirous of a divine nanny to deliver them from all concerns; which many will so oft seek to incarnate through a totalizing political entity.

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