Foaming is a huge reward

Sunday, April 18th, 2021

As Charles Duhigg explains in The Power of Habit, the tingling sensation from Pepsodent helped turn toothbrushing into a habit:

Yet, while everyone brushes their teeth, fewer than 10 percent of Americans apply sunscreen each day. Why?


Because there’s no craving that has made sunscreen into a daily habit. Some companies are trying to fix that by giving sunscreens a tingling sensation or something that lets people know they’ve applied it to their skin.


“Foaming is a huge reward,” said Sinclair, the brand manager. “Shampoo doesn’t have to foam, but we add foaming chemicals because people expect it each time they wash their hair. Same thing with laundry detergent. And toothpaste — now every company adds sodium laureth sulfate to make toothpaste foam more. There’s no cleaning benefit, but people feel better when there’s a bunch of suds around their mouth. Once the customer starts expecting that foam, the habit starts growing.”


  1. LGC says:

    Because sunscreen is just another piece of the “everything is fraud” puzzle. Go check the stats, death from skin cancer rates have never changed. Same percentage of people still die. Sure they might have moved it around some (some people worse, some people better) but the overall rate is still the same. Which means, it’s all BS. all the treatments, removals, etc is just so people get paid. And you might have noticed that humanity survived for 1000′s of years without sunscreen and will do so again.

  2. Bruce says:

    I mostly just use any cake of soap to wash my hair, but if it feels greasy after a while of doing that I put on a handful of Epsom Salts and then a handful of vinegar. It foams all right. Feels good. Every shampoo I’ve tried burns my eyes. 55, not bald yet.

  3. VXXC says:

    It’s your blog, but I wonder if we could take a break now from the teeth pron, it’s for some reason off putting and putting my teeth on edge literally. Just humbly asking. Yes, I get the larger points about advertising, fine Caedite Eos, but I was there before. I’m probably not alone.

  4. Brutus says:

    The sodium laurel sulfate is a real problem if you get canker sores. On the bright side, it’s now a lot easier to find tooth pastes and powders without the SLD than it was in the 1990s.

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