All of the studies on face masks and social distancing are based on preventing flu transmission

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

In the Southern Hemisphere, where the flu season happens during our summer months, the WHO data suggests it never took off at all:

In Australia, just 14 positive flu cases were recorded in April, compared with 367 during the same month in 2019 — a 96 per cent drop.

By June, usually the peak of its flu season, there were none. In fact, Australia has not reported a positive case to the WHO since July.

In Chile, just 12 cases of flu were detected between April and October. There were nearly 7,000 during the same period in 2019.

And in South Africa, surveillance tests picked up just two cases at the beginning of the season, which quickly dropped to zero over the following month — overall, a 99 per cent drop compared with the previous year.

In the UK, our flu season is only just beginning. But since Covid-19 began spreading in March, just 767 cases have been reported to the WHO compared with nearly 7,000 from March to October last year.

And while lab-confirmed flu cases last year jumped by ten per cent between September and October, as a new season gets under way this year they’ve risen by just 0.7 per cent so far.


‘All of the studies on face masks and social distancing are based on preventing flu transmission and have shown huge reductions,’ he adds. ‘So it’s no surprise it worked.’


  1. VXXC says:

    This story is getting a lot of play; no fingers pointed at Isegoria but the point of the story is:

    *Keep wearing masks FOREVER

    Most Importantly:

    SHUT IT DOWN, forever.

    I saw Iraq after our precious democratization. You wouldn’t believe someone was insane and evil enough to shut down an economy, thereby forcing an insurgency unless you saw it happen, but it did.

    Fauci = Bremer. Both of course are Senior Executive Service.

  2. Gavin Longmuir says:

    At least the UK Daily Mail previously reported the study by the UK’s Office of National Statistics about deaths in England & Wales in September.

    Anyone who listens to the news media would have guessed that the dreaded Covid-19 would be the top killer of English & Welsh people — but that was not what the facts showed. Covid-19 was not even in the Top 10 causes of death. Covid-19 was the 19th (!) most common cause of death in England, and the 24th (!!) in Wales.

    Yet the media keep calling this a “pandemic” and telling us we are all at serous risk. They never report the context, and rarely report on the damage being done by the Lock Downs — damage that will continue long after Covid-19 has been forgotten as just another of the many “Influenza Like Illnesses” which the CDC tracks every year.

  3. McChuck says:

    There is no flu reporting because all cold and flu cases are reported as COVID. (And because hospitals are telling people to stay away again.) Then the reduction in the case count for flu is used as evidence that the restrictions work, and the emergency controls should be made permanent. Even as the powers what be lament and rend their tunics over the increasing COVID case counts, which show that the masks and controls simply don’t work, so they must be done harder.

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