Robert Greene discusses the Crisis Generation

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

Robert Greene discusses Chapter 17 of The Laws of Human Nature, Seize the Historical Moment, or The Law of Generational Myopia, in this talk titled The Crisis Generation:

Early in the talk he mentions a few books: Il Principe, which he managed to read in the original Italian, The Essential Writings of Machiavelli, Harvey C. Mansfield’s Machiavelli’s Virtue, and — rather unrelated — Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069, which is out of print. (The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny is in print though. I found it thought-provoking, but I could tell if it was the equivalent of astrology or pscyhohistory.)


  1. Ledt says:

    The guy is so naive it feels cringe. He’s really not self-aware, or doesn’t know why he thinks what he does.

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