Putting knife-defense to the test

Friday, January 17th, 2020

Nick Drossos decided to challenge random folks at the park to “cut” him with a marker, to test his knife-defense skills:


  1. Candide III says:

    Marker! That’s genius. I’m sure boys would love it.

  2. Dirtnap Ninja says:

    “Everyone should take care when facing the perilous dagger, and your arms, hands and elbows must go quickly against it, to do these five things, namely: take away the dagger; strike; dislocate the arms; bind the arms; and force your opponent to the ground”

    Fiore Dei Liberi, The Flower of Battle

  3. CR says:

    Yeah, I’ve done this drill with people before.

    With a little skill, you can stop people from getting in a quick slash. But nothing can stop a running stab.

  4. Space Nookie says:

    Surviving Edged Weapons (a classic):


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