Neovictorian’s Reality

Thursday, January 16th, 2020

When I reviewed Neovictorian’s first novel, Sanity, I noted that it is, in a sense, didactic; it purports to explain how the world really works. With a title like Reality, I expect his second novel to do the same.

He thanks a few folks by name and then “a few fine people who prefer to remain in the shadows.” I had to read all the way through the first line of the prologue before I saw my own shadowy influence.

Neovictorian Reality Prologue

If you don’t immediately spot it, read to the end of this old post.


  1. Neovictorian says:

    I see that to be precise, I extracted part of a sentence and should have used a [I] and … but I hope Dunlap would forgive me.

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