By virtue of their superior ambition and energy but also by default

Sunday, December 29th, 2019

Richard Rhodes’ The Making of the Atomic Bomb is also a history of European Jews:

The operators of those mechanisms [of capitalism and industrialization], by virtue of their superior ambition and energy but also by default, were Jews, who represented about 5 percent of the Hungarian population in 1910. The stubbornly rural and militaristic Magyar nobility had managed to keep 33 percent of the Hungarian people illiterate as late as 1918 and wanted nothing of vulgar commerce except its fruits. As a result, by 1904 Jewish families owned 37.5 percent of Hungary’s arable land; by 1910, although Jews comprised only 0.1 percent of agricultural laborers and 7.3 percent of industrial workers, they counted 50.6 percent of Hungary’s lawyers, 53 percent of its commercial businessmen, 59.9 percent of its doctors and 80 percent of it financiers.


  1. Lucklucky says:

    It is interesting the difference of a continental power from an island like England regarding money and trade. Trade for Britain was almost “natural” so it wasn’t despised as outrance by the aristocracy or at least not as strongly. I guess that is one of the reasons that the Industrial Revolution started there too.

  2. slumlord says:

    Catholicism “didn’t do modernity” and the modern era created a vacuum for those sects that could embrace it. Jewish social prominence was far less pronounced in Protestant countries as Protestants were far better able to engage in modernity than Catholics.

  3. Graham says:

    Aristocratic disdain for commerce is a valid criticism to be made of Britain, and it has been- the aristocrats disdaining any form of income other than from lands, the idea of gentlehood being based on having an income from rents of some kind rather than engaging in either business or a profession for profits or salary, the goal of many aspiring bourgeois to ditch their business and origins as soon as possible for a country estate and associated rents, and so on. It did leave room for a huge new bourgeois to emerge, and perpetuate, even if many of them aspired to the country life once their pile was made.

    On the flip side, Lucklucky is right. It wasn’t nearly as bad as many parts of the continent, although there too there was variation. In part because the idea of trade was long established for Britain, in part because the peerage system of nobility restricted the passage of titles to one main line rather than every offspring holding legal nobility. The latter would still have a sense of status and entitlement for generations, and usually took jobs in the army or church rather than business, but there was downward mobility and more intermingling with the bourgeois. Plus British mores had a more complicated relationship of both disdain and respect for mere money, and being an aristocrat didn’t carry legal penalties for engaging in commerce. In some continental places, engaging in commerce could at times cost you your nobility status. A costly thing to lose, in places where it included tax exemption.

  4. Graham says:

    I should add they have all moved on pretty well.

    The British peerage and high bourgeois are pretty well integrated, the product of centuries of trending. They’ve even allowed second generation new money from some sort of retail [Kate] to marry the heir to the throne and produce a future king. Of course, the English and Scottish royals have had previous phases when a decent girl from the home country was preferable to titled royal from a foreign land, so there was some precedent.

    And on the continent, the grandest of the grand among the German nobility [always the gold standard] have considerable portfolios in corporate Europe and abroad and many hold corporate roles. The Habsburgs are still fantastically wealthy and part of the Euro and internationalist elite to this day. From 12th century Swiss feudal warlords to 21st century plutocrats and Davos dwellers. Eternal and Universal Empire, indeed.

  5. Lucklucky says:

    Graham, I pointed the degree in “aristocracy or at least not as strongly.” I vouch the different degree of hatred by the Aristocracy against commercial enterprise and trade is due to a maritime power vs continental power and the cultural implications.

    I think we can use the Jews as a proxy for that. What were the countries that hated the Jews more? They were powers with a strong continental outlook: Russia, Prussia/Germany, France, Spain (Castela-Madrid).

    Instead Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal maritime powers did not or much more partial, because in those countries trade have been very important. Modern banking started in Italy, Portuguese were the first to start the “discovery” period, etc.

    So I don’t think it is mostly Protestant vs Catholic issue but of Continental vs Maritime.

  6. Kirk says:

    WTF is it with this site’s readers and the Jews? There’s this bizarre fixated mentality among all too many who post here that everything revolves around a minor monotheistic cult that arose along the Eastern coastline of the Mediterranean.

    News flash for all y’all: The Jews are not the bogeymen of history, nor are they behind everything that happens. They’re woven into Western Civilization by virtue of their ideas, and that’s the extent of it. Some of them have been bad, some have been good, but all in all, they’re not responsible for every bad thing that’s happened to the West. Or, the East or any other point in between.

    I swear to God, sometimes I log on here and read, and it’s like I’m listening to a bunch of childish fixated Arabs, who see Jewish conspiracies and hair rays behind every rock.

    Sometimes a fucking cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes, the follies are all of our own making. You want to blame the Jews for it? Sure; just be aware that you’re doing exactly what every other mentally ill idiot does, in seeking a convenient outside explanation for your own failures, rather than looking within and actually doing something about them.

    The real reason every anti-Semite winds up failing miserably in the end isn’t that there’s a vast Jewish conspiracy out to get them, but because the internal dysfunction that their anti-Semitism arises from eventually causes their own destruction through a failure to actually analyze their own problems. So long as you’ve got the Jew to blame, you don’t have to do anything to fix yourself.

    Which is a huge component for why the Arab/Islamic world is as fucked up as it is. It ain’t the Jews; it’s the face in the mirror every morning.

  7. Lucklucky says:

    I agree, Kirk, but I think you are misguided in this case. I don’t see any hate for Jews in this topic.

    The topic our host posted — I don’t think you are identifying him as a “reader” — is about Aristocracy vs People vs Jews. So it is a bit difficult not to talk about that. If you read my post, I say one data point is that the hatred against Jews is due to anti-trade elitism of continental powers aristocracy.

  8. Paul from Canada says:

    There is an anecdote about a NASA committee on something rocket science related starting a meeting, and after the roll call, a motion to record the meeting “in our native language”, since almost all the participants were Hungarian.

    Now, almost all(but not all) of them were Jews, and in fact (I don’t recall the exact details, but a huge number of Nobel Prize winners/NASA rocket Scientists etc. were all alumni from a particular Budapest high-school), from the same place/school.

    So; NASA rocket science/high tech, a Global Jewish Conspiracy (tm.), or a Global Hungarian Conspiracy (tm.) ?

  9. Isegoria says:

    The version I recall is from the scientific advisory board of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, in DC, in the ’50s:

    A first count of the members showed a minority absent, but still a quorum; another count enabled the chairman to ask his colleagues, in his faultless native Hungarian, “Shall we conduct this meeting in the mother tongue?” Agreed and done.

    Come to think of it, the rocket scientists we recruited were decidedly less Jewish than the atomic physicists.

  10. RLVC says:

    Just imagine what we could have made together.

    Flying cars.

    Underground skyscrapers.

    Palatial libraries of marble, wood, and brass.

    Instead we have decaying cities and creeping tyranny.


  11. Kirk says:


    That wasn’t necessarily addressed at you, or your post; it was just the trigger for my rant, and that is something I should have made more clear. My apologies.

    Hell, you could have made a one-word post saying “Jew”, and I might have snapped.

    The place where I’m at with regards to anti-Semitism is just sheer impatience with the idiocy of it all–And, on all sides. Here’s a news flash for all y’all–The “Jew”, as conceived by everyone fixated on the idea? They don’t actually, y’know, exist.

    Not as conceived, anyway. The mental convulsions one has to go through to reconcile the entire “Super-Jews Run Everything” idea with any grasp on reality has always had me wondering if most of the anti-Semites I have been forced to listen expound on the issue aren’t undergoing some kind of stroke event, or suffering from a cognitive form of epilepsy.

    I grew up with a bunch of exposure to Eastern European culture. The weirdest thing to me was talking to a lot of these folks, many of whom had come from peasant culture instead of the elite educated mass, and hearing them echo things that you heard in Nazi propaganda. You’d ask questions, feeling around things, and what you’d usually find is that exactly none of them had first-hand experience with any living Jews whatsoever. It was all an imaginary ghost-like thing, stuff they picked up by osmosis: “Jew bad”. They’d never had any run-ins with a Jewish landlord or moneylender, but they could always tell tales of someone else who had. Half the people they identified as “the Jews who were running everything” weren’t actually Jews, either.

    I’ll tell you one damn thing I’ve concluded, and that is that a lot of what Hitler and his sort were pushing was stuff that existed in that cultural region going back to time immemorial, and I don’t know that it was ever based on anything particularly “real”, either–I think that the whole thing was sloughed off on the Jews, but what it was stemmed more from the aristocrats pushing things that they were doing off on the traditional bogey-man: “The Jews made me do this to you…”. Reality? The Jews were getting screwed over as much as the peasants were, it was just that they were a convenient thing to blame.

    You trace a lot of that shit out, and it becomes very clear what the progression was: Aristo-boy or -girl goes to buy fancy clothes from the Jewish tailor in town, buys fancy imported stuff from Jewish merchant, dresses up fancy castle with money borrowed from Jewish moneylenders, and then when the bills come due, they go to the poor bastards who’re their tenants on their lands, and then tell them that “…the Jews are charging me so much money! I have to pay it back… Rent’s going up! It’s the Jews! The damn Jews!!!…”.

    You see the same pattern all across Eastern Europe; one of the other things was that the aristos didn’t want to upgrade education for their serf/tenant populations ‘cos that would make them harder to fool, so for all the intellectual work like accounting and what-not, they brought in the ever-abusable Jew as their outside “smart guy”, and went from there.

    Whole thing is a syndrome of mental deficiency, in my opinion. People who aren’t smart enough to see that the mirage of the “evil Jew” is the matador’s cape, and that their own “elite” is manipulating them with it.

    And, frankly? I’m about tired of hearing the same crap, year after year. Sure, the “Jew” of imagination is a great bogey-man, but when you stop and think, is that imaginary “Jew” real, or is it a symptom of your own blame-shifting for your own feckless and foolish approach to thinking and life in general?

  12. Lucklucky says:

    No worries, Kirk. I wasn’t offended.

  13. RLVC says:


    I know some Jews. To a man, they’re good people. Great conversationalists, excellent hosts, friendly, never warped a contract, never charged an usurious rate of interest.

    Generous, too. They’ve given me some special cookies they sometimes make. I think they’re called hamantaschen? Very tasty. Interesting cultural tradition, too. Haman sure deserved his fate. And those Amalekites sound like they were truly evil people.

    I think that we should learn from the Jews.

  14. Sam J. says:

    Kirk says,”…
    News flash for all y’all: The Jews are not the bogeymen of history, nor are they behind everything that happens. They’re woven into Western Civilization by virtue of their ideas, and that’s the extent of it. Some of them have been bad, some have been good, but all in all, they’re not responsible for every bad thing that’s happened to the West….”

    “…The real reason every anti-Semite winds up failing miserably in the end isn’t that there’s a vast Jewish conspiracy out to get them, but because the internal dysfunction that their anti-Semitism arises from eventually causes their own destruction through a failure to actually analyze their own problems…”

    This is propaganda and Kirk is a small part of the conspiracy. Kirk is pushing the old,”we’re just helpless hard working little Jews and everyone is picking on us” line.

    The Jews have been kicked out of every single country they’ve been to in any large numbers for thousands of years and it’s because they are a parasitical race that degrades any country they go to. There’s plenty of evidence of this.

    A recent one is 9-11. Building 7 fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air. This means that for the building to fall the same as a rock the support MUST have been the same as that of a rock dropped in air. High school physics. The building MUST have only been supported by air. Well we all know the damn building wasn’t floating in the air. The way it fell was only possible with some sort of demo and the Jews owned the building before it fell and were responsible for the security of the building. The Jews who run the whole entire print, TV, cable, radio and are attempting to control all the internet know this also. Kirk does too. He can’t be so stupid as to not understand high school physics and the fall of objects in a gravity field. When you point this out to Jews they either, lie so ridiculously it hurts to watch them behave so stupidly, shut up about it all together or they ban you as there’s no way to explain this in terms of “Arabs running planes into buildings” as a plane didn’t even hit the building.

    The whole 9-11 thing was to use our Men, money and military to attack the opponents of the Jews in the Middle East. So far it’s been somewhat successful. I expect it will not end well for the Jews but they’re resourceful maybe they’ll pull it off.

    Kirk is one of a large mass of Jews that constantly point you in the wrong direction. The Arabs didn’t have anything to do with 9-11 but he constantly tries to push them everywhere he can into being the boogie man.

    He also plays on your vanity by pretending that everyone who criticizes the Jews is really just two or three stupid rednecks in a trailer somewhere. This is not even close to true. Some of the best scholars and businessmen in the Western world have tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to warn people about the Jews for many hundreds, possibly thousands, of years.

    The Jews play book is fairly simple. Big Jews with money comes in and bribes, blackmails, the elites which turn over financial assets to the Jews which they get a cut of. The Jews financialize everything they can to pinch off a stream of cash into their pockets for any transaction. They used to do this as tax collectors now they own the banks and print money for their fellow Jews to take over industries. Look at the hostile takeovers in the 80′s and beyond. Jews. They then took the industry they took over and outsourced the manufacturing to China. They’ve destroyed the competitiveness of the whole entire country. Not terminally yet but the wounds are deep.

    At the same time they attacked the Whites in the US and Europe socially with feminism, race guilt, abortion and a whole myriad of “ism’s” to slowly discombobulate the entire country into fighting factions that mostly attacked Whites.

    This social attack was well funded by the Jews. This is not any secret. The Jews who came from Germany, after they wrecked that place, commonly called the “Frankfurt School”, just one of many, publicly wrote papers about destroying the family, community and public affairs of the US to make it easy to move to a communist society. One that they would conveniently run.

    To top it off the Jews were THE people responsible for the mass immigration of peoples not western into western countries.

    I don’t know exactly what Jews are but I see them as a tribe of psychopaths. No not every Jew is a psychopath but there is no discernible difference between a bunch of Jews moving into your country and a tribe of psychopaths moving in. The end results and their aggregate actions are exactly the same as psychopaths.

    Pound for pound the Jews are the greatest mass murderers on planet earth and the more power they have the more blood thirsty they get. The destruction of Germany, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and many more are multi-multi million sacrifices to the Jews. They did this and they are responsible for all these deaths.

    It’s often said that anti-Semites hate the Jews for everything. That’s a damn lie we only blame them for getting us into WWI and WWII, the Federal Reserve, killing Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. The destruction of Russia, Germany, Spain, England, US and all of Eastern Europe. The opium trade into China. Bringing slaves to America. Bringing in all the people after the 1965 change in immigration laws and all illegal immigration. Destruction of the studies of anthropology, psychiatry and social sciences. Destruction of the school system through uncivil rights for Blacks. Mass murder of Whites by Blacks due to uncivil rights laws. Destruction of competence of government employees by uncivil rights laws banning effective testing. Destruction of the culture by mass media, just a few of which are radio, TV, movies and music. Widespread tensions between Men and Women due to their pushing of Feminism and attacking Women. Psychological warfare by portraying White Men as evil, corrupt, deranged and serial killers. Police committing widespread murder due to Jews training the police. Corruption of the government by bribery and when that doesn’t work blackmail. Murder of people to cover up corruption. Destruction of truth through distortion of the education system and mass media. The lowering of morals through pornography and evil behavior in film and TV. Sexual degeneracy and illegal forcing of Women and Men into trading sex for work. Pedophile attacks on girls and boys in Hollywood. The pushing of communism and socialism. The movement of manufacturing to China. Widespread theft of military secrets and subsequent selling of those to the USSR , China and who knows who else. The banking collapse and subsequent bailout. Running a fraudulent FED currency scheme. Securities fraud in the bank bail outs and Mortgage backed Bond business. Blowing up our buildings and killing our people on 9-11 and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Multiple false flags where Americans have been murdered. The war in Ukraine. ISIS. The murder of Lebanese and Palestinians. Organ smuggling. Drug smuggling. Lots and lots of business and bank fraud. There’s more but that’s the major ones.

  15. CVLR says:

    Sam, have you ever received a knock on your door from your friendly neighborhood FBI agent?

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