The biggest Epstein conspiracy mystery is not how he died

Friday, August 16th, 2019

The biggest Epstein conspiracy mystery is not how he died, Steve Hsu explains:

The more important mystery is how he managed to operate out in the open for 15-20 years. Rumors concerning Epstein and leading figures like Bill Clinton have been around for at least that long. I have been following his activities, at least casually, via mostly non-mainstream media sources, for well over a decade.

In the 1990s I was a Bill Clinton supporter. I voted for him twice and supported his efforts to move the democratic party in a centrist, pro-business direction. But my brother is a Republican. He fed me a steady stream of anti-Clinton information that I (at the time) dismissed as crazy right-wing conspiracy theories. However, with the advent of the internet in the late 90s it became easier to obtain information that was not filtered by corrupt mainstream media outlets. I gradually realized that at least some of my brother’s claims were correct. For example, Clinton’s first presidential bid was almost derailed by charges of adultery by women like Gennifer Flowers. Supporters like myself dismissed these charges as a right-wing smear. However, years later, Clinton admitted under oath that he had indeed had sex with Flowers.

I believe my first exposure to Hillary Clinton was her appearance on 60 Minutes after the SuperBowl in 1992. This was widely regarded to be the emotive performance (“stand by your man”) that saved Bill Clinton’s presidential candidacy. Hillary affects a fake southern accent and (I believe) lies boldly and convincingly about Flowers to an estimated 50 million Americans. Quite a display of talent.

A side-effect of my history as a Clinton supporter (and gradual enlightenment thanks for my brother!) is that I became quite interested in the tendency of the media to hide obvious truths from the general public. We Americans accept that foreign governments (e.g., the Soviets and “ChiComs”) successfully brainwash their people to believe all sorts of crazy and false things. But we can’t accept that the same might be true here. (The big difference is that people in PRC — especially intellectuals — know they are being deceived, whereas most Americans do not…)

It was natural for me to become aware of Epstein once he was linked to Bill Clinton at the very birth of the Clinton Foundation. For someone with even a slight interest (let alone an actual journalist), it was easy to uncover very disturbing aspects of the Epstein story — including details of his private island, traffic in young women, connections to the rich, the powerful, and even to leading scientists, academics, (many of whom I know) and Harvard University.

But just 6 months ago I could mention Epstein to highly educated “politically aware” acquaintances with absolutely no recognition on their part.


  1. Adar says:

    “his private island, traffic in young women, connections to the rich, the powerful, and even to leading scientists, academics, (many of whom I know) and Harvard University.”

    Underage teen girls and not women. My guess is that Epstein is Mossad as was Monica.

  2. Kirk says:

    The Jews… Is there anything that they can’t do?

    Before I take the idea seriously that Epstein is a Jewish catspaw for the Mossad, I want to see some actual evidence, and not just that he met with Israelis, or that his female running buddy predator had a father who had “suspicious ties” to “the Jews”.

    Anti-semitism creates this knee-jerk thought process that reminds me of the idiocy I used to watch in the military–Instead of actually identifying a problem and then dealing accurately and specifically with the wrongdoer, in the military things tend to ground out through entirely extraneous bullsh*t issues like whether or not the commander of a unit experiencing an issue was dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” in the paperwork. Misconduct investigations in that environment tend to focus on things like paperwork, rather than the actual misconduct–I watched a situation in one case of a stolen weapon result in the punk asshole private who stole the weapon receive no punishment at all, and his leaders get fired from their jobs and suffer severe career truncation because they weren’t following every single regulation with proper zeal. In actual fact, they should have thrown the book at the little punk who stole the weapon to get back at his squad leader, but they did nothing to him, and then destroyed the careers of the entirely uninvolved leaders in his company that were only doing what everyone else around them were doing.

    That’s where this knee-jerk “It was the Joooooooos…” gets us; people stop looking at the actual facts, blame the “Joooooos…”, and then leave the actual people responsible alone to continue onwards, doing their thing.

    In the final analysis, it’s not that Epstein was taking advantage of “poor, white-trash working poor teenagers”, but that men like Bill Clinton (another white-trash POS if I ever saw one…) eagerly participated. If these assholes had been honest men without an urge to molest young teenage girls, then they would have never fallen prey to the “Joooos…”, now would they?

    To blame Epstein and the “Joooos…” is to excuse the conduct and behavior of the men who fell into his orbit, and then did what they did. Decent men wouldn’t have gone along with him, and the fact that creatures like Bill Clinton spent significant time in his company, to the tune of 27 identified trips to his little “rape island”, absent the Secret Service detail he was assigned…?

    Yeah; that’s on Bill, not the Mossad. Hell, to be honest, I really can’t blame the Mossad for doing that kind of thing, if they did–How else are they going to keep track of what these jackasses like Clinton are up to? And, if you think that the enemies of the Israelis are any better, take a look at Rotherham… I don’t doubt but that if it wasn’t Epstein who kept Bill in hot and cold running teenagers, it would have been the Saudis or Pakistanis.

    The real problem is not the Israelis, the men in Mossad, or any of the other “influential” foreigners we have trolling our politicians with teenage chum–It’s those goddamn politicians we’ve elevated. Men like Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton should have been at the end of nooses, not in Congress or the White House.

  3. Bruce says:

    There’s a real chance Epstein committed suicide. The broken hyoid means he was strangled, but if he only fell a foot or so and flopped around, he’d strangle, not break his neck.

    We know for certain that when the Clintons took a half billion dollars from Microsoft’s competitors had the Justice department prosecute Microsoft. We know for certain that Hillary took a half billion dollars from the Sauds, and that when our ambassador in Benghazi was killed by a commando raid that sure looked like Saud work, Hillary flacked the Saud line that it was just a local mob upset over some California video.

    I doubt Hillary directly ordered Epstein’s killing. But the people who gave the Clintons a couple billion in bribes weren’t respectable citizens paying for good government. Whether this pimp killed himself or was killed for blackmailing is trivial.

  4. Alrenous says:

    He managed to operate in the open because the uniparty protects its own. Trump isn’t uniparty. Epstein, assuming he’s really dead and it isn’t a stunt double, died for failing to protect himself from the first really independent investigation since about Lincoln.

  5. Longarch says:

    I take it as proven that Robert Maxwell was Mossad. I take it as highly probable that Ghislaine Maxwell was/is Mossad.

    Kirk: “I want to see some actual evidence, and not just that he met with Israelis, or that his female running buddy predator had a father who had ‘suspicious ties’ to ‘the Jews’.”

    If you are referring to Ghislaine Maxwell, and Robert Maxwell, most people seem to take it for granted that Robert Maxwell was a Mossad asset.


    Media tycoon and former Labour MP Robert Maxwell (father of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s partner in crime) was given a state funeral in Jerusalem after *accidentally* falling off his yacht – the unluckily named “Lady Ghislaine”. Later it was revealed Maxwell Sr was a Mossad asset who used his vast network of connections and publishing platforms to run editorial interference over his purchased assets to influence enemies and friends alike, ensuring their fealty to the foreign government that had enlisted him for its espionage work.

    Now, if that type of journalism does not warrant Kirk’s attention, I wonder which sources he regards as “evidence” and which he regards as “not evidence.”

  6. Sam J. says:

    “…Before I take the idea seriously that Epstein is a Jewish catspaw for the Mossad, I want to see some actual evidence…”

    Everyone knows he was in place to blackmail US politicians and worked for MOSSAD and probably the CIA. There’s lots and lots and lots of circumstantial evidence this is so. It silly to ask for his decoder ring and his MOSSAD employee badge. You know it doesn’t work that way.

    In fact all you’re doing is the same old Jew song and dance to throw doubt on any accusations of any kind about Jews. Blah, blah, blah, anti-Semite. So what. Why is important whether anyone likes Jews or not as related to the evidence?? It’s not.

    And by the way I seriously doubt he is dead at all. The picture they represented of him being wheeled into the hospital is not even him. The nose and the ears don’t match.

    The Jews have so much contempt for the Americans they blow your damn buildings up right in front of you and wheel their child fucking blackmailers right out of the most secure jails under your faces.

    This sort of behavior is why every single country for thousands of years has throw the Jews out if they have planted themselves there in sufficient numbers. The Jews can not get along with anyone without trying to dominate and destroy the people they live among.

    The only sure fire, 100% tested, approved way to deal with the Jews that I know that has worked every time is to throw them out and refuse to allow them any say in your country at all. All the countries that have done this have seen improvements in their lives, happiness and financial stability.

  7. CVLR says:


    Antisemitism was a reasonable policy from the perspective of the Germans in the thirties, because following the Balfour Pact the Jews turned on their Germans and set out to strangle Germany to death, on behalf of the British Empire, but in 2019 it isn’t a reasonable policy in Germany or anywhere else, because nearly ninety years lie between then and now, and every conceivable line has (been) blurred so much: religion, culture, economy, race, etc. Besides, the one overarching trend, secularization, has largely made mincemeat of us all.

    So people arguing in favor of antisemitism in the twenty-first century are dupes, fools, agitators, or agents,

    There is a dialect. Some people call it the Hitler Dialectic. It is the paradigm in which all goodthinkers are supposed to believe that Hitler was Satan, that Auschwitz was the cross, that the Jews were Jesus, and that thirty pieces of silver were national security; and all badthinkers are supposed to believe that Hitler was a good boy who did nothing wrong, that prison camps for Reds and Jews were justified, and that street marches in ridiculous imported costume are a productive political activity.

    There is another dialect, which some people call the Puritan Hypothesis, which is similar in some ways. It blames the godly for the transgressions of atheists and satanists, most of whose ancestors immigrated much later and share no genetic continuity with the Nonconformists, let alone continuity with the multiethnic empire that is the British Isles.

    All of it, nonsense.

  8. Longarch says:

    Sam J. made some remarks (including the questionable claim “every single country for thousands of years has throw[n] the Jews out”) and apparently CVLR regarded Sam J.’s remarks as antisemitic.

    CVLR wrote: “people arguing in favor of antisemitism in the twenty-first century are dupes, fools, agitators, or agents”

    The discussion seems to have shifted boundaries. Very few people are willing to criticize all Jews simply for being Jewish; perhaps Sam J. would be willing to make such criticisms. But many people – including Jews – are willing to criticize the Mossad for being unethical.

    The original issue, if I recall correctly, was Kirk’s skepticism regarding whether Epstein was indeed linked to Mossad.

    I don’t know whether Kirk has any regard for George Galloway, but here is Galloway’s argument that Maxwell was Mossad:

    In the linked video, Galloway accuses Maxwell of being a Mossad agent. Note that Galloway is not anti-semitic in these comments, because he praises at least one Jew (Mordecai Vanunu) for being brave enough to blow the whistle on the Israeli government’s unethical behavior.

  9. Sam J. says:

    I don’t believe what CVLR says I’m supposed to believe. He’s projecting facts onto me that don’t necessarily exist, a typical pattern of distorting the truth. I certainly don’t believe Hitler was a a saint. Hitler should have known that the British have ALWAYS balanced the powers in Europe and when he attacked Poland that would be it.

    “…Very few people are willing to criticize all Jews simply for being Jewish; perhaps Sam J. would be willing to make such criticisms…”

    What I’m saying is that so few Jews are willing to in any way criticize or correct the serious attacks of the many Jews on our civilization that there’s no point in keeping any of them around. This is exactly their behavior towards anyone one not Jewish. They could care less about us and would do away with all humanity if they could get away with it. I’ve simply summed up the situation and seen that I should be more like them. They have caused my people so much grief I no longer care about them as individuals because they do the same to us. An eye for an eye.

    I can’t say if every Jew is a psychopath or not but I submit that a bunch of Jews moving into your territory can no way be distinguished from a tribe of psychopaths moving into your territory. Whether the Jews are mostly psychopaths or not is irrelevant. The end effect on the country is the same as if they were. A parasitical people. They are always involved in grandiose conspiracies, manipulation of people, constant lying, distortions of the truth and comport themselves exactly like psychopaths. No one can live with psychopaths for long. Eventually people get fed up and try get rid of them in any manner they can. The Germans tried to get rid the Jews because they destroyed Germany. They used their ownership of banks to pump out massive amounts of Marks and buy up every thing in sight,(sound familiar). At the same time inflating away the whole entire middle class to where they were prostituting their children to eat. No wonder they wanted to get rid of the Jews. Sane people DO NOT wish to live under the power of psychopaths.

    They’ve done this for thousands of years. It works for them. It remains to be seen whether this lifestyle can be maintained with world wide communications. In the past they would switch countries every so often when the heat got too high.

    I used to be very pro Jewish and Israeli until 9-11. 9-11 was the dumbest thing the Jews have done since they attacked the Romans. 9-11 led me to taking a long look at them and I found the same as anyone else who takes a good look at them. Not good. Not good at all and they’ve been at this for a long, long time. There’s no way to white wash their malfeasance or excuse it.

    Just about all the detrimental issues that plague the west have been aggravated and/or instigated by the Jews. Mass immigration, financial instability, perverted sexual norms, corruption, etc,. etc., Their money, power and communications monopoly have been used to elevate the corrupt and to aggravate bad habits. I’m not saying these tendencies do not exist in society already but without their unceasing support they would be much less of a factor. Much, much less.

    Their behavior is simply the behavior of a tribe of psychopaths and you can’t live with psychopaths.

    People babble on about anti-Semitism but the Jews would not lift a finger to help me nor do they care one bit about anyone but the Jews. I feel the same about them as they do about us.

  10. lucklucky says:

    You haven’t changed your name Samuel yet…
    Your are obviously projecting and telling a load of lies as i often demonstrated since you are clueless about world history.

    “Note that Galloway is not anti-semitic in these comments, because he praises at least one Jew (Mordecai Vanunu) for being brave enough to blow the whistle on the Israeli government’s unethical behavior.”

    You must think others are stupid, of course Galloway praises anyone that contributes to the defeat of Israel.

  11. lucklucky says:

    That is the point of Socialists, destroy any culture that distinguishes itself since that proves we are not equal and that cultures have more output than others cultures.

    I saw that behavior everyday at school : destroy those children that are more capable. Mediocritise them.

  12. Sam J. says:

    The drab conformity of your criticism is embarrassing. It’s all one and the same. Lie, lie, lie, never talk about the instance at hand.

    They never talk about facts. It’s all feelings and silly assed taboos that you’re not supposed to talk about. Little girl criticisms. Whiny little girls. Combined with some half assed “experts” we’re supposed to pay attention to even though his opinions are illogical silliness.

    “…clueless about world history.

    “Note that Galloway is not anti-semitic in these comments…”

    WTF, why are you dragging Galloway into this. Your just regurgitating things to hope something, anything will stick and so we can stop talking about the MOSSAD control of the US Congress. How the agents of MOSSAD, Epstein, just “wisk” him away and no one knows anything. Even in a maximum security prison.

    Hell they even refuse to arrest Maxwell’s daughter at all.

    Let’s not acknowledge how buildings, not hit by planes, fall the same speed as if they are held up by air,(building 7 9-11), instead let’s bitch that Sam J. doesn’t know history. I expect I know plenty relevant to the discussion and you are practicing the frequent dodges of Jews, lie, distort, lie some more, distort, try to change the subject, etc., etc…

    Anybody whose paying any attention to what Jews are doing eventually becomes an anti-Jew, they distort the truth so much that they won’t even use the proper name. Calling it some nonsensical phrase anti-Semite.

  13. HH says:


    You have nailed it to the cross brother.

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