It was the futility that amused us

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

Dunlap found some instructors he could respect stateside:

From an old soldier, a master sergeant who was the best army man I ever knew, in all respects, I learned a little about hand-to-hand combat, judo bayonet and knife work, etc. He was an expert and had instructed at many army schools. We used to laugh at the old-fashioned bayonet drill some of the new organizations went in for. It was not really funny — it was the futility that amused us. We could kill the best army-trained bayonet fencer who ever lived, without extending ourselves to any effort to speak of, in practically no time. That judo bayonet system was really sudden death at close range. The sergeant knew the Japanese bayonet technique and taught us accordingly, among other things. His method of knife-fighting was different, and in my opinion, better than either the marine or Commando styles.


  1. Lu An Li says:

    Jukendo still a competitive martial art in Japan. Popular? Bayonet fighting is what it is, minus the butt strokes as taught to an American serviceman.

  2. Clark Cooper says:

    Man, you struck the motherload with this Dunlap book. I don’t think you’ve ever mined this many posts from one document before.

  3. Isegoria says:

    Yeah, Clark, it’s amazing how many interesting passages I found in Dunlap’s book. It helps that the Kindle edition is so easy to highlight — and that I can share the highlights via Bookcision.

  4. Isegoria says:

    How popular is jukendo (Japanese bayonet fighting)?

    In response to a request from the 30,000 member All-Japan Jukendo Federation, in April 2017 the Japanese government added Jukendo to the list of nine approved martial arts for Japanese junior high schools. As of 2017 only one school had taken it up.

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