Everything happens in Egypt

Friday, April 5th, 2019

Dunlap managed to fit in some rifle practice in Egypt:

Three hundred meter matches were lined up, so we practiced at 300 yards on standard British short range targets most of the time. The scoring rings are fairly close to those of our “A” target, but that is all. This is the camouflage target—top half a dull blue, bottom sand color; top half of bull is black, bottom, gray. It symbolizes a man looking over a skyline; the black is his head, in helmet, the gray his face, the blue the sky, the sand or buff color the earth. You go gradually blind looking at it; or rather, for the bull. I have to admit it is a more practical paper mark than our black and white job, but it is not nearly as much fun to shoot at! That little half-moon of black is hard to see even in bright light. Paradoxically, twice at Abassyia we had to hold up shooting until a dense fog cleared. Everything happens in Egypt.

Once we shot on 300-meter targets, at 300 meters, and on one string of six shots I set myself a high score of 56 out of 60. This is impossible, as the gun, ammunition and holding were not that good. One of those freak groups which pop up every once in awhile. Four consecutive strings like that would break the world record by 14 points, or maybe it is 17.

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