Setback in The Sassoon Files

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

A small independent game publisher is claiming that its Lovecraftian horror adventure book, set in the Shanghai of the 1920s, has been ordered destroyed by its Chinese printer.


  1. Kirk says:

    Oh, dear God… The stupidity, the stupidity… It burns, it burns…

    Precisely what the f**k did this genius expect, having a “Lovecraftian” gamebook set in Shanghai printed in the PRC?

    I’m not even that switched-on about such things, and I’ve heard of how the Chinese government has banned time travel stories, and a whole host of other things that it deems “anti-social”. So, this comes as some huge surprise, that this project fell foul of that mentality? The naif has the audacity to try to leverage “freedom of thought” with the PRC, in decrying this incident… Which leads one to wonder, just how deranged and delusional is this guy? What the hell did he think he was dealing with, in the PRC? It’s like he’s oblivious to the nature of the country, which even now is imprisoning and brainwashing millions of Uyghurs in their own lands, while swamping them with millions of Han Chinese.

    Yeesh. The naivete is painful to observe.

  2. Wayne says:

    I remember hearing of the anime Death Note being banned in China, for promoting the occult. I thought that was stupid at the time, but am less confident of it nowadays…

    Note: an element of the occult (in some form or another, i.e. kung-fu powers) being present is a part of both Shonen and Shojo genres. You would think Chinese scholars would know this cult leader was a heretic, but you can’t blame them for not trusting the Vatican. :/

    Peter Frost was just talking about being banned in China the past nine years.

    I never heard of this KickStarter but would have been surprised by export-only inspections too. You do keep hearing about seemingly rash decisions!

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