Quickly breach without heat or sparks

Monday, August 20th, 2018

I feel like I need a PyroLance now:


  1. I love the close-but-not-quite-”twisted-Firestarter” music in the second vid.

  2. Kirk says:

    No, you do not need a PyroLance. Too much support gear needed, too expensive.

    What you need is one of these:


    Probably isn’t a secured facility anywhere that would keep you out, were you to avail yourself of one. High on my “First things to scrounge…”, after the rest of the species manages to off itself.

  3. Phil B says:

    It is essentially a waterjet cutting nozzle but man portable (the compressors etc. needed to produce the water/abrasive mix will not be) and the stream of water travelling at about twice the speed of sound will disperse into droplets to cool the air once beyond the substrate being cut.

    A nifty application of a mature technology to another field.

    I can see it being objected to because it looks like one of those dangerous fully automatic, clip fed, folding buttstock, pistol grip assault revolver things that might be concealable and cause an attack of the vapours among the ignorant.

    Yes, petunia, the world DOES need a sarcasm font.

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