We could never have imagined what happened in Venezuela

Monday, March 19th, 2018

We never could have imagined — or prepped for — what happened in Venezuela, a Venezuelan “prepper” explains:

An economic collapse this long seemed like something that was entirely out of the question. It was entirely unpredictable. I would have expected a pandemics or a coup d’etat long before this hungry zombie-like scenario.

We knew something disturbing was going to happen sooner or later. We could feel it in the atmosphere…but nothing like this. We never thought it would be impossible to find a battery, or engine oil, or gasoline (Jeez, this was an oil-producing country!!) or that kids were going to be endangered in the very door of their schools.

He lists a number of supplies he should have stockpiled and preparations he should have made. A few stand out:

A large, buried diesel custom-made aluminum tank with a proper sized generator (there is not too much space left in our place: we live in a subdivision, houses are wall to wall next to each other) with a homemade silencer, and adequately rigged to the wiring of the house for the largest systems, like freezers and air conditioning.

Enclosing our garage before the steel rebar disappeared from the white market and the production was destined to the black and grey market. (I hate fencing, it is like living in a birdcage, but this would helped a lot for peace of mind).

Perhaps a chicken coop with a couple of hens. The eggs price has been so inflated this days that a single egg costs more than the minimum wage. A hen produces more than a laborer. Do you remember that stories about the eggs, chocolate, and potatoes acting as currency in the WWII? It is becoming currency here too.

Another SUV, with a much taller ground clearance, larger tires, diesel-powered with no electronics and a huge front fender. Something heavy, strong, black or dark grey, windows covered by that plastic clear bullet proof sheeting, able to plow a pack of thugs in motorcycles out of the way without a blink.


  1. Candide III says:

    Entirely unpredictable because nobody has tried war communism ever before. Sheesh.

  2. Slovenian Guest says:

    Feel the burn, Venezuela!

  3. Ross says:

    Mention of plowing down thugs, but no mention of needing guns or ammunition.

  4. Adar says:

    Solar powered outdoor lighting you can take inside. A cheap and easy source of light when you need it. No need for candles and oil lamps which might pose a danger.

  5. Barnabas says:

    I read a similar book about collapse in Argentina. It emphasized safety from bandits. People isolated in rural areas were easy pickings and any thing that drew attention to you was dangerous.

  6. Sam J. says:

    I wonder if the US or the bankers are involved in somehow making a bad situation catastrophic? We would never hear of it until long after the fact. In Argentina the direct cause of the monetary panic was the outright theft of all the capital of the middle class of the country by Citibank. They had high inflation and Citibank came in and told everyone they could keep their deposits in Dollars. After they had swooped up all the savings of most everyone in the country they changed the rules, limited the amounts that could be withdrawn and inflated away the whole entire wealth of the country. (Notice the exact same tactic as Germany). It was a hit. A financial war crime. The Argentinians would be entirely justified in declaring war on the bankers, confiscating their money and killing them all. I also wonder if the US is not destined for the same. The housing crisis and bail out was very similar. Not only did the banks get all the houses they foreclosed on they got bailouts to the tune of $16 trillion we know of and public documents suggest over $29 trillion. My guess is they took all this money and bought the whole entire stock market accounting for the strong stock market price. If they didn’t do this they’re idiots so I expect that’s what they did.

  7. Kirk says:

    You say “bankers”, as though they were a monolithic organization, with centralized planning and responsibility. And, while it is true that the big guys have a lot to do with the overall direction of things, the fact is that the politicians have a big, fat thumb on the scale.

    Note well what the Obama administration did; our local “medium regional bank” was forced, literally forced, to take bail-out money… When they did not need it. Why? So as that they would be under control, and be able to be “managed” by the crooked politicians and appointees of the Obama administration.

    There was a huge amount of corruption going on, and most of the public didn’t pay attention to it. Big banks can be dangerous; big banks being “managed” by political hacks are absolutely dangerous. Don’t forget that the last housing/banking crisis had its roots in the Clinton administration going in and forcing the banks to change lending standards, which led directly to all the shenanigans with regards to repackaging that bad debt as BS unsecured “investment vehicles”. That crap was going on right in the open, and everyone applauded as people who were totally unqualified got loans for sums in the stratosphere. When those loans went bad, well… The banks had to do something, and that something meant that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ate the losses, as did everyone who bought the repackaged loans. You want to blame anyone, blame the politicians and political appointees who created the conditions.

    You might also look at who was working there at those “too big to fail” government-backed loan companies: None other than our former AG, Holder, and that storm petrel of the apocalypse, Jamie Gorelick. Who has got to be either the single unluckiest bureaucrat in the history of the world, or… Something else. Her track record, from being involved in building the “wall” between the counter-intelligence and criminal sides of the FBI can be shown to have led directly to 9/11. Then, she did the same thing in the Pentagon, shutting down SOCOM’s early efforts at intelligence fusion, which had identified some of the anomalies that might have led to capture or identification of the hijackers before 9/11. She was then placed on the 9/11 commission by the Democrats, when she rightly should have been one of the unindicted co-conspirators, along with Sandy Berger. Following that, she was the house lawyer for Fannie Mae, under Holder. That woman bears watching, for where she goes, disaster for the nation follows.

  8. Felix says:

    Off topic:

    @Kirk “…housing/banking crisis had its roots in the Clinton administration…”

    You might find the following entertaining:

    Causes of the Financial Crisis

    It lists 20+ causes with quick blurbs for and against each. The ‘against’ arguments seem good in all cases. :)

    I don’t remember anyone noting how disease-like the bad-loan areas seemed to cluster and distribute geographically.

  9. Sam J. says:

    Kirk says”You say “bankers”, as though they were a monolithic organization…”

    There’s what I perceive as disinformation in what you said. I think it reasonably certain that when I say “bankers” most people understand this is politically connected banks with deep ties to the Federal Reserve. When I say bankers I doubt anyone immediately thought about saving and loans in Nebraska. Maybe I’m wrong about that but most people understand. I don’t think all banks everywhere are huddled in smokey rooms to defraud the public but I also don’t expect people to think that I think that, as it not obviously so. That the large banks mean us no good is abundantly obvious to most anyone who’s looking at them at all. You act is if I don’t know or that I should be surprised that “bankers” are in with politicians…the bankers hired them. They run them. They are their lackeys. To blame the politicians is to blame the bankers. They are one and the same. I believe that the banking crisis was because the bankers made a bunch of ill advised Mortgage Backed Securities deals and when they realized haw they were going bad fomented the banking melt down so Congress would pass a bunch of laws bailing them out. There’s a video of one of the Representatives on CSPAN where he says that they were told the whole banking system would collapse in days or hours if they didn’t pass a bill. I believe it was a coordinated pulling of money from money market accounts to frighten the legislature and get bailout finds. I went ahead and looked it up here’s the video. I think it’s important to hear this. He’s saying exactly what precipitated the crash. Notice $550 billion dollars an hour. I presume this was a set up. I don’t think this is natural with no lead up and no distinct event causing it.(and no I can’t prove it but of course it’s set up that way)


    That other unsavory stuff was piled in with it I have no doubt. By the way the guy who invented MBS ran for President(Scott Smith). He had some great ideas. There’s nothing at all wrong with MBS if they have the right ratings and are backed properly. They’re great for the country and investors.

    As for bankers here’s a great video on the European Community and their debts,

    “World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes”


    As for Jamie Gorelick and making the intelligence agencies less responsive. I assume that was planned. If you don’t know 9-11 was an inside job done mostly by the Jews then you’re not very observant. Building 7 fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air. There’s only two variables. The force of gravity and the resistance to the object falling. Gravity being exactly the same on rocks and buildings. Building 7 falling the same speed as a rock dropped in air means building 7 was only supported by air also. There is no other way to see this. Things fall in a gravity field one way and that what happened. We know the building was full of cement, iron columns and other stuff and it obvious that the lower 11 floors weren’t boiled away by the fires to the density of air so it must have been demoed.

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