Tempted to walk down the dark path of the AltRight

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Rosie Gray seems to have a sense of humor about Neoreaction, closing her Atlantic piece with this:

Kantbot warned that I might also be tempted by “the forbidden fruit” of these ideas. “Be careful or you too may be tempted to walk down the dark path of the altright,” he wrote. “This is what thousands of people are taking to the streets to protest. This is the dark intellectual center.”


  1. Graham says:

    As long as she is aware that progressivism is also an anti-democratic movement, it’s all good.

    What else would you call an ideology whose essence is technocratic rule by experts through an administrative state, with most questions reserved as “policy” and the realm of “politics” kept as narrow as possible, and further narrowed by the shape of the Overton window? The whole thing maintained by segmenting the electorate into competing caste groups and then mediating the rewards through state patronage to identified group “community leaders”.

    Oh, wait. “Democracy”.

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