Otto Skorzeny and Mossad

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Otto SkorzenyIf the Nazis had won the war, Arnold Schwarzenegger would have starred in a series of big budget Otto Skorzeny movies, Steve Sailer suggests:

The funniest Skorzeny operation was Operation Griffin during the Battle of the Bulge in which Skorzeny led about 150 English-speaking Germans dressed in American and British uniforms who did things like change road signs to point in the wrong direction. This caused so much paranoia among Allies foot soldiers that Field Marshall Montgomery was held at gunpoint for several hours by American privates who had heard a rumor that Skorzeny had recruited a Montgomery double, much to Montgomery’s annoyance. (Remember rumors about Saddam’s double?)

Also, an American general was held at gunpoint for five hours for answering a baseball trivia question by saying that the Chicago Cubs were in the American League, when every red-blooded American knew it was the Chicago White Sox who were in the American League while the Chicago Cubs were in the National League.


A dozen or two of Skorzeny’s captured underlings were shot as spies during the Battle of the Bulge. But Skorzeny wasn’t tried until 1947, when, in a rapidly changing political climate, he was acquitted on the grounds that Operation Griffin was a “ruse of war.”

A new story from Haaretz claims that the former Waffen-SS lieutenant colonel became an agent of Mossad!

As I said before, if the real Otto Skorzeny hadn’t lived, pulp-fiction writers would have had to make him up.


  1. Slovenian Guest says:

    Speaking of, his book “My Commando Operations” is now in the public domain and can be downloaded in various formats from the Internet Archive.

  2. Grurray says:

    Excellent, many thanks to our Slovene friend. Looking forward to reading this.

    The war years were a dark time for major league baseball with many stars participating in the war or working for the war industries. 1944, in particular, was probably the low point as two teams from St. Louis, the Cardinals and the Browns, played in the World Series. As geo-athletic boundaries and rivalries go, this would’ve also marked a low point for the Chicago Cubs, so I’m not surprised the Cubs fell off the radar of the general staff.

    Of course, the following year the Cubs rode the crest of the Allied victory wave into the World Series, only to ultimately be cursed by the dreaded infamous billy goat. After subsequent decades of dismal futility, many fans are still in the mood to hold some generals at gun point…

  3. Skeptic says:

    Skorzeny never explained his precise reasons for helping Israel. His autobiography does not contain the word “Israel,” or even “Jew.”

    Is there any reason to believe that this has any basis in fact?

    Can Israel prove that Skorzeny helped them?

    Is it possible that such a remarkably truthful government as Israel’s would lie for propaganda purposes?

  4. Bruce says:

    Sit down, Mossad official Goykop. Pictures of you wife-swapping with the notorious Nazi Skorzeny have surfaced. Since the Goykops are politically powerful Ashkenazi, and to save face for Mossad, we have prepared a cover story. You were controlling Skorzeny to force him to kill other Nazis. You were appalled by his presence, but it was your duty. Repeat that back. Get out of my office.

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