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Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

French first responders were very, very prepared for the recent attack:

According to Matlack, Paris hospitals and ambulance crews have been rehearsing what to do in response to a mass shooting since the Charlie Hebdo attacks last January.

Parisians hospitals even did a simulation of a mass shooting earlier on Friday, the day of attack. Nearly every surgeon in Paris had gone through the simulations by the time the terrorists attacked.

That’s an odd bit of synchronicity…


  1. Slovenian Guest says:

    They must have all been in the scouts. After all, their slogan is “semper paratus, ordo ab chao”!

  2. Isegoria says:

    Tu trahis crus meum.

  3. Slovenian Guest says:

    Well, I am the comic relief around here.

  4. Bomag says:

    Praeparari permagnificum humor.

  5. Lucklucky says:


  6. Slovenian Guest says:

    Odd like how “Authorities almost always claim that they had no warning or indication of an attack, but they can almost instantly identify the mastermind.”

  7. Slovenian Guest says:

    From the BBC Radio 4 Today show, paraphrased:

    Emergency surgeon Doctor Pelloux thinks that he and his team saved perhaps fifty lives on the day of the Paris attacks, in part, and this is extraordinary, because he was preparing for what happened, only a few hours before the attacks began:

    Patrick Pelloux: We worked to a scenario of an attack. We know since Charlie Hebdo that they take Kalashnikovs and kill everybody, like in Call of Duty, you know, the stupid game. So in the morning we had this exercise.
    James Naughtie: So, exactly what happened.
    Patrick Pelloux: Yes, yes, yes.
    James Naughtie: On the very same day.
    Patrick Pelloux: Yes!

    Via the No Agenda podcast, it’s full of such gems, highly recommended!

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