Saturday, March 28th, 2015

It is rarely the truly oppressed who take offense, Devin Helton explains:

The truly oppressed are downtrodden and submissive. They know better than to take offense — they will just get smacked down.


[W]hen some campus activist group gets a speaker disinvited, gets a professor fired, or forces the administration to apologize, the activists have exercised raw power. The more the administration capitulates, the more grievance will be claimed, the more offense will be taken, the more the activists will flaunt their power. Current law forces colleges and workplaces to avoid creating a “hostile environment.” This law thus gives any member of certain groups the ability to bully the administration or speakers by simply pointing their finger and saying, “That person has offended me!” Does this sound familiar from history? The result has been an increasingly out-of-control, spiral of insanity.

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