Six Policies Economists Love (And Politicians Hate)

Monday, October 27th, 2014

NPR’s Planet Money shares six policies economists love (and politicians hate):

  1. Eliminate the mortgage tax deduction.
  2. End the tax deduction companies get for providing health-care to employees.
  3. Eliminate the corporate income tax.
  4. Eliminate all income and payroll taxes.
  5. Tax carbon emissions.
  6. Legalize marijuana.


  1. Toddy Cat says:

    Admittedly, most politicians are posturing idiots, but economists don’t really have room to criticize. Remember back in the 1960′s, when all reputable economists “knew” that the USSR was growing faster than the U.S.? Or in the 1980′s, when they “knew” that outsourcing wouldn’t hurt the middle class? And at least we can get rid of bad politicians, but somehow bad social science just never seems to go away.

  2. Victor says:

    All these policies benefit the rich. Funny how they don’t want to end the carried interest deduction.

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