How Batman Manages To Keep His Secret Identity Secret

Friday, July 25th, 2014

A comic fan recently attended a local convention and enjoyed all the costumes people were wearing:

One of the more impressive costumes I saw there was a really well-made Batman costume which I noticed once across a crowd, and later from a little closer up (though not face-to-face). This was the only person I saw in a Batman costume.

A few days later, I was meeting with a friend, and told him I had gone to the convention. “Did you see [a close mutual friend, whom I've known for close to two decades]?” he asked me. “He was dressed as Batman.” He then directed me to our friend’s facebook page, where he had posted pics of himself in a well-made Batsuit costume.

The very same Batsuit costume.

So, would Bruce Wayne’s close friends recognize him as Batman?

I sure didn’t.

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