Original Dune Illustrations

Monday, December 30th, 2013

The Omni reboot shares John Schoenherr’s original Dune illustrations:

John Schoenherr Dune 01

John Schoenherr Dune 02

John Schoenherr Dune 03

John Schoenherr Dune 04

John Schoenherr Dune 05

John Schoenherr Dune 06

John Schoenherr Dune 07

John Schoenherr Dune 08

John Schoenherr Dune 09


  1. Faze says:

    I remember when these came out in Omni. The book doesn’t live up to their greatness. Posterity May place them on the same level as Rockwell Kent’s woos cot illustrations for Moby Dick.

  2. Schoenherr was one of the titans of sci-fi illustration. I’ve read Dune a couple of times now, but my fixed impression of the book was formed by the illustrated edition from my local library.

  3. Moira Hay says:

    These are the VERY best illustrations for Dune — strong, enigmatic, fabulous compositions. I first saw them in Omni, but sadly lost my copy. Although I very much enjoyed the recent Villeneuve film, I can’t help wishing the worms had been more like Schoenherr’s. Images which have stayed with me all these years.

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