Practical Jiu-Jitsu

Friday, April 26th, 2013

A Pakistani bus driver in Dubai went to rape an American woman at knifepoint.  She was a US navy sailor on leave, and she knew enough jiu-jitsu to triangle-choke him:

The woman, an off-duty US navy sailor, knocked the knife from his grasp, broke it in two, bit his hand, wrestled him to the ground and put him in a stranglehold between her thighs.

Having beaten him into submission, she left the bus and reported the incident to her commander.


Police arrested the driver the next day at his home.  “He was drunk at the time of arrest,” said the attending officer.

The driver, K?S, 21, from Pakistan, was charged with attempted rape, threatening to kill, assault and consuming alcohol illegally.

He confessed only to the alcohol charge and said he was too drunk on the night to remember what else happened.

She broke the knife in two?


  1. Silent Q says:

    Cheap pocket knives will break very easily if the blade is pushed sideways on something hard like the ground.

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