Alternate History

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Alternate history has moved beyond TV tropes and online forums and into the basic-cable mainstream with Spike’s Alternate History — which is pretty awful, particularly if you’ve swallowed the red pill.

For instance, the first episode’s what-if is the classic, What if Hitler had won the war?, and it doesn’t even mention Soviet Russia — or any other countries besides the US and Germany. So, how does Hitler win the war? By repulsing the D-Day invasion with his jet fighters, of course. That was easy.

So, he then consolidates his holdings in Europe, Asia, and Africa, right? Not sure. But we do know that he develops submarine-launched missiles with atomic warheads, destroys a couple American cities, and then takes over.  It’s the obvious next step.

And that‘s the real point of the show, to depict America under the heel of evil white right-wingers who use smart-phones and tablets to track down Jews, Blacks, and “undesirables” for extermination.

Ah, but The People rise up and use social networks to Revolt and take back Power!  I’m not sure who their NATO is though, providing air cover and covert operatives on the ground.


  1. Red says:

    God, that’s f—ing horrible. Developing a nuke small enough for a V2 would take 1970s tech, not 1945. Atomic weapons were f—ing huge, and even today they are generally too large for a V2. They might as well’ve had the Nazis invent time travel to win.

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