One XM25 Per Squad

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

The XM25 Counter Defilade Targeting Engagement System — which shoots 25-mm grenades just past cover — is finally deploying to Afghanistan. Only a few prototypes are heading over now, but that should change:

The Army plans on purchasing more than 12,500 XM25 systems at about $25,000 to 35,000 apiece starting in 2012, which will be enough to put one in each of the Army’s infantry squads and Special Forces teams, according to Lehner.


  1. David Foster says:

    I hope somebody is thinking about how to keep these out of the hands of the enemy. Maybe a password that has to be reset every day or at least every week?

  2. Isegoria says:

    While I certainly don’t want our enemies to get their hands on high-tech weapons, is an XM25, with its small number of precisely placed mini-grenades, a greater threat, in terrorist hands, than a mortar or machine-gun?

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