Taboo Cannon

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Mencius Moldbug opens fire with the taboo cannon and recommends prohibiting travel between Salafist countries and the West:

Frankly, orthodox Salafi Muslims don’t want or need cultural contact with the West, any more than the West wants or needs cultural contact with them. Isolation is a no-brainer here. The fact that noticing this requires a blast of the Taboo cannon is itself truly worrying. I’d really like to think the world was run by sane grownup people, who can see obvious things and act on them in the obvious way.

But no. But after 9/11, no one asked: what does America gain by allowing random dudes from Saudi Arabia to visit New York? Let alone Afghanistan? What — a billion dollars in tourist revenue? So instead we had to go spend a trillion dollars, not to mention thousands of our finest young lives, on turning the Hindu Kush into the 51st state.

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