Blue Monkey Hindsight

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

It’s easy to assume that causes like that of the Arabs in Palestine are indigenous movements, Mencius Moldbug says, which arise spontaneously and then attract influential foreign backers:

One notices, however, that the foreign backers often precede the indigenous movements. Which is the cause, and which the effect? If you invert the relationship, you get a very different political structure which seems to make a lot more sense.

Moldbug then geeks out a bit:

Before Sigourney Weaver got her mind-tentacles into the blue monkeys, I’ll bet they were perfectly happy to find a new sacred tree. The whole war was her fault. And the monkeys may be partying right now, but in fifty years they’ll be living in gang-infested shantytowns. District 9 is Avatar 2: Alien Aid. Blue monkey hindsight: throw Sigourney Weaver off the tree, as soon as she shows up. No war, no movie, happy monkey life with new views.

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