Immigration is not something Mexico did to the United States

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Immigration is not something Mexico did to the United States, Fred Reed says, but something the United States did to itself:

Decades ago it changed its laws to favor Latin immigrants, gives immigrant children born in the US citizenship, avidly employs the ilegals, forbids police to check their papers, give them social services and schooling, establishes “sanctuary cities,” and in general does everything but send them engraved invitations. And then expresses surprise when they come.

We hear endlessly that Mexicans are “taking the jobs of Americans.” Not quite. Reflect that every time a Mexican gets a job, it is because a shiny white noisily patriotic American businessman gives him that job.

Allowing the immigration in the first place was a terrible idea, Reed says, since diversity regularly proves disastrous, but now there is precious little to be done about it:

If I had the power, I would seal the border to stop the influx, declare blanket amnesty for those already in the country, and get on with life. Part of “getting on” would be to encourage assimilation since the last thing the US needs is another indigestible and permanent underclass.

Note (as I have never seen noted) that keeping them ilegal forces them into something close to an underclass. If Pablo wants to start a restaurant or auto-bodywork business, he can’t, because he will be asked for papers and eventually shut down.

The country seems to be trying to cause what it most doesn’t want. Some state or other wants to stop letting the children of ilegals attend school. Oh, good. Let’s create a population of angry illiterates who can’t possibly be assimilated. What could be wiser?

Sure to offend liberals and conservatives.

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